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 Royalty Finalise ECL2 Roster

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PostSubject: Royalty Finalise ECL2 Roster    Tue Mar 29 2011, 03:37

After winning the EUeS P2P, Vanity and Console Gaming
tournaments, Royalty gaming have dominated the Black Ops scene on PS3.
However, Rich and Flux moved on and decided to concentrate on 360 and
will be competing on Xbox at ECL2 along with Jake and Tech. This left
Royalty with half a roster to fill before ECL2 and today, I can bring to
you the confirmed roster.

Daniel "Royal-Unearthly" Baker
Harry "Royal-Finch" Finch
Lee "Dualblades" Holiday
Josh "Init1ate" Cooper

Dualblades, formerly of Imperial has joined the team along with Former
Royalty MW2 player Init1ate. To get his thoughts on the new look roster,
Unearthly has taken the time to answer some questions.

What was your initial feeling when Flux and Rich went to 360? Were you tempted to make the switch yourself?

Not particularly, the only way I'd ever want to move to 360 is with a
team of PS3 players that I felt were good enough to challenge the top
360 teams and once Rich/Flux teamed with Jake/Tech it took that option
away. I was disappointed but I can't blame them at all, they had their
reasons which were more than fair enough.

Most people were expecting Leigh to be part of your roster, but now he's slumming it with vD, what happened there?

Haha, Leigh's a quality guy and a really good player so I would have
been happy to team with him but as it turned out Jewell became overan
with depression and just couldn't bring himself to play at ECL, leaving
vD without a 4th. As Leigh knows Scud in real life it made sense for
them to team and I wasn't gonna disrupt that as we're pretty friendly
with vD.

Given your success so far on Black Ops, would it be safe to say that
anything other than a victory at ECL2 would be a poor result and with
the absence of Imperial, who do you see as your main threat?

Ye even with this new team I'd be really disappointed if we didn't win,
Lee has obviously played at the top level with Imperial and Josh has
always been a solid cod player so he shouldn't have any problems playing
well. It's not really Royalty anymore without Rich/Flux/Alex but we
wanted to represent the name at LAN which is why we're sticking with it
for now. Main rivals would probably be apex, everyone's saying they're a
connection based team which they are to a degree but they're still
decent players and will do well I'm sure.

Quick Fire:

Nando's or Pizza Hut? Nando's
Cracked Map: Keep or Get Rid? Get Rid
Who will do better on 360 out of the PS3 guys, Apex or Infinitus? Infinitus
Fifa or Football Manager? FM
Favourite Drink: Orange Lucozade
Guilty Pleasure: Ex Gf's sister.
Ideal Holiday: A Football Tour
Dream Woman: Jessica Alba
Poland or Ireland? Poland


Sponsors: Zideo & Blue Elph
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Royalty Finalise ECL2 Roster
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