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 Hammer Time For Royalty

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PostSubject: Hammer Time For Royalty    Thu Dec 02 2010, 04:12

Black Ops is making lot's of players changing teams. Even royalty couldn't escape from this happening. DuncRx7 decided to concentrate on X360 and recently joined UltraViolet's Xbox team, this made Royalty.Ps3 in need of another player. They attracted no one less then formerly H2K member Hammers.

Hammers who was going under lot's of rumours saying he would leave H2K with Predator and SteveyBrown to team up with ukpfc, was stated untrue. Instead of that the whole previous H2K team stepped over to Imperox with an extra force called schumbabeertje. Short after this SteveyBrown announced his retirement of competitive PS3 gaming. Predator couldn't bother playing BOps anymore and left the team. Also Hammers didn't enjoy it anymore because with only him and Spacid from the original H2K he felt like he was an outsider in the team and decided to leave Imperox. Hammers joined Royalty and hopes he can get back more enjoyment in his game.

Royalty didn't whore the game as much like DPTP or Imperial did on the GB/CG ladders. This doesn't mean they aren't strong or fit enough to perform. With their newest addition, Royal-HK(Hammers) they defeated Imperial with 3-0, giving them their first loss on the CG Elite ladder.


Daniel 'Royal-Unearthly' Baker (C)
Harry 'Royal-Finch' Finch
Richard 'Royal-Cook' Cook
Ryan 'Royal-Fluxy' Oldfield
Alex 'Royal-HK' Scargill

What made you decide to recruit Hammers? And what is your goal on BOps with this team? Claiming the number one spot ?

'As soon as I saw Hammers was a f/a I thought I had a chance of getting a 5 man team that I wanted from the start, after speaking to him he seemed enthusiastic to join and that was it really. Our goal is to be the best team online and take that into LANs, with this roster we really feel it's achievable.'

Your team recently won from Imperial who at the moment are seen as probably the nr1 team on BOps. You beat them comfortably 3-0, what are your thoughts on the competition so far?


'That particular match we played well despite having not played one of the map/mode combinations before. I was also happy that we managed to take such a convincing win off them so early on considering the difference in the amount of games both teams have played. The competition in general is hard to comment on as teams seem to be chopping and changing a lot and haven't really settled down yet.'

Hammers, The last period was pretty messy for you, lot's of rumours going on, SteveyBrown retiring on Ps3, Predator leaving Imperox ... Now you joined Royalty, do you think you finally found yoursellf a new home ? What is your feeling about this team so far ?


'Yeah most of what happened was beyond my control, bar the B-D saga which I have apologised to B-D for; although I think it will be hard to match the laughs and success I had with H2k, I reckon I can do this with Royalty, so yeah I would say I have found myself a new home. From what I have seen I know we can compete with the top teams, on paper from MW2 we have arguably the best roster and from the few games on BOps I feel this may have carried through, now we just have to work on teamwork and chemistry within the team, which will come with time.'

Do you think you can achieve the same or do even better with Royalty like you did with H2K on MW2 ?


' I'd like to think that with Royalty I will be able to emulate the success I had with H2k, but at the moment its hard to know, and only time will tell. It's hard to base opinions on GB's but as soon as the tournaments begin to kick off pretty sure we will know who the top team / teams are going to be, I'd like to think that will be us
but who knows'

What do you think of the game competitive wise so far? And which teams do you see claiming a spot in the top8 ?


'Game seems alright, rather see the 74u banned to add more variety and the connection at times ruins the game, specially when you have Flux in your team , at least it's something new.

Top 8 in no order; Imperial, Vanity with AJ and all that if they last, DPTP, Royalty, Game Over, Empire, and probably Ignite and demand if budwiser plays '

EUeSports & Envied wishes Royalty best of luck


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Hammer Time For Royalty
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