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 ConsoleGaming Pre-ECL2 LAN Tournament!

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ConsoleGaming Pre-ECL2 LAN Tournament!  Empty
PostSubject: ConsoleGaming Pre-ECL2 LAN Tournament!    ConsoleGaming Pre-ECL2 LAN Tournament!  I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 14 2011, 06:41

ConsoleGaming Pre-ECL2 LAN Tournament!  1410fo3

ConsoleGaming is pleased to announce the Pre ECL2 LAN Tournament!

This tournament is so all the teams heading off to prove their LAN
skills at the upcoming ECL2 LAN Event can get some practice in before
the big day.

Any team that isn’t going to the LAN will still be able to participate!

The tournament will be open to 16 teams initially, but will be altered
according to demand. Teams that have confirmed they will be attending
the LAN will be given priority over other teams for places.

Sign Ups

Sign-ups are available NOW before being randomised on Saturday 19th March.

This gives you a week to get your team signed up!

You will need to register your team on the new Summer Clan Ladder and then sign up to the tournament Here.

The tournament will also be invite only, which means that when your team
signs up you won't automatically have a place. This is so we can pick
the teams with priority first, then teams will be selected on a first
come first serve basis.


As the ruleset to be used at the ECL2 LAN will be the
Official Black Ops Ruleset, this is what we will be using in this

The rules are as follows: | Official Black Ops Ruleset - Updated 21/02/2011

Map Set
Best of 3: CTF>Domi>SnD
Best of 5: CTF>Domi>Demo>SnD>CTF

All Games

• Hardcore Mode: Disabled
• Allow Killcam: Enabled
• Headshots Only: Disabled
• Allow Sprint: Enabled
• Force Respawn: Enabled
• Wave Spawn Delay: None
• Max Health: Normal
• Health Regeneration: Normal
• Spectating: Team Only
• Friendly Fire: Enabled
• Class Editor: Allow Player Classes
• Killstreaks: Don’t Allow Killstreaks
• Perk Editor: Allow Perks
• Game Recording: Enabled
• Party Privacy: Invite Only

Capture the Flag

• Time Limit: 5 Minutes
• Flag Return Time: 30 Seconds
• Enemy Carrier on Radar: Delayed
• Touch Return: Enabled
• Round Win Limit: 2 Rounds
• Capture Limit: 10 Flags
• Respawn Delay: 7.5 Seconds
• Number of Lives: Unlimited
• Note: Flag Captures will be added together to determine the winner. In the event of a draw, teams must replay the map.


• Time Limit: 3 Minutes
• Bomb Timer: 45 Seconds
• Plant Time: 5 Seconds
• Defuse Time: 5 Seconds
• Extra Time: 2 Minutes
• Round Switch: Every Round
• Round Win Limit: 2 Rounds
• Respawn Delay: 5 Seconds
• Number of Lives: Unlimited
• Note: If 2 rounds have been played and the score is 1-1, the host must
end the game, and the team with the most kills will choose whether to
attack or defend for the final round.


• Time Limit: 8 Minutes
• Score Limit: 1000 Points
• Round Limit: 1 Rounds
• Flag Capture Time: 10 Seconds
• Respawn Delay: 7.5 Seconds
• Number of Lives: Unlimited
• Note: Domination matches consist of two rounds, one round played from
each side. Scores will be added together to determine the winner. In the
event of a draw, teams must replay the map.

Search and Destroy

• Time Limit: 2.5 Minutes
• Bomb Timer: 45 Seconds
• Plant Time: 7.5 Seconds
• Defuse Time: 7.5 Seconds
• Multi Bomb: Disabled
• Round Switch: Every Round
• Round Win Limit: 8 Rounds
• Number of Lives: 1 Life
• Note: Search and Destroy is played to a minimum of 5 rounds. However,
teams must win by 2 clear rounds (for example, 5-0 or 7-5). If the game
is tied at 7-7, whoever wins the final round wins the match 8-7.

Available Perks

• Tier 1

o Lightweight

• Tier 2

o Sleight of Hand

• Tier 3

o Ninja
o Marathon
• Note: The Pro option for each perk is also available for use.



o AK74u
o G11
o All Shotguns
o All Light Machine Guns
o Grip Attachment
o Extended Mags
o Dual Mags
o Grenade Launcher Attachment
o Masterkey Attachment
o Flamethrower Attachment
o Rapid Fire Attachment


o Dual Wield
o Full Auto Upgrade
o All Launchers
o All Specials

Grenades & Items

o Semtex
o Nova Gas
o Decoy
o Concussion

All Equipment


Capture the Flag

Firing Range


Firing Range

Search and Destroy

Firing Range


Firing Range

All games MUST be played Best of 3, other than the Final which will be played Best of 5. Teams also MUST play 4v4.

The Ruleset is similar to our current CG 4v4 Ruleset with a few minor
changes such bans on the AUG and G11 as well a ban to Hardened Perk.

Maps and schedules will be released after the event has been randomised.


The Winners will receive:

Winners Achievement on Stats Page
500xp on the Clan Ladder

The Runners-Up will receive:

Runners-Up Achievement on Stats Page
300xp on the Clan Ladder

The 3rd Place Clan will receive:

Third Place Achievement on Stats Page
200xp on the Clan Ladder

If you have any questions then feel free to PM either myself or another member of Black Ops Arena Staff.

Good Luck to all participants!

Thank You,
Black Ops Arena Staff

Team Envied


ConsoleGaming Pre-ECL2 LAN Tournament!  Logopng-1witheffectwide
Sponsors: Zideo & Blue Elph
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ConsoleGaming Pre-ECL2 LAN Tournament!
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