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 Infinitus.360 Secure Top PS3 Team

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PostSubject: Infinitus.360 Secure Top PS3 Team   Infinitus.360 Secure Top PS3 Team I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 05 2011, 12:04

Infinitus.360 Secure Top PS3 Team Team-News
It seems strange to me that this week we announced to you that MLG have picked up Black Ops for their Pro Circuit tour on the Playstation 3, yet more and more PS3 players are picking up the XBOX control pad and coming over to Decerto, in hopes of attending more LAN events and earning bigger prizes.

Today we see some of the top PS3 players join our ranks to see if they have what it takes to compete on the 360. Although the new Infinitus squad don't play as a team on the PS3, it boasts some of the finest talent the PS3 scene has to offer, such as the Royalty.PS3 duo Ryan 'Flux' Oldfield and Richard 'Rich' Cook, completing the line up is ex-Imperial member Nath 'Tech' Sykes and Jake 'ukpfc' Dalton.

I asked Flux why he made his move to Decerto and the 360:
'Lack of activity and competition on the ps3. At the beginning of blackops there were a fair few teams but once the tournaments reach the mid-stage, there are literally no teams playing. It just comes down to the few 2 or 3 top teams who fight it out for the prizes and then the scene dies completely. Having been at the top of the ps3 scene for a while, we are looking for a fresh challenge, and potentially climb the ranks of the 360 scene.'

Infinitus Console Manager Will Allen added the following:

Im very happy to be taking on this new team and have personally seen from ingame and previous achievments that they have a very promissing future in the xbox scene hopefully unlike tunny and co ( <3 u really) can provide some offline results and not just online


Ryan 'Flux' Oldfield.
Richard 'Rich' Cook.
Nath 'Tech' Sykes.
Jake 'ukpfc' Dalton.

Between the members they have 1st and 2nd LAN placements under their gamer belts. We wish the team the best of luck and hope to see you at ECL2!

By: GamweLL

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Infinitus.360 Secure Top PS3 Team
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