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 Fab News For Team Envied

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PostSubject: Fab News For Team Envied    Fri Nov 19 2010, 05:49

Team Envied have finalised their roster in the past few days, adding "xFabz-" to the roster at the expense of MrFlava who has now parted ways with Team Envied. Fabian is a familiar face with Team Envied as he is an original member of the team. Fabian had been playing with vital towards the end of Modern Warfare 2 but was cut from the team as vital moved on to Team Vanity and roster changes were made. Fabian had a short period with "Incredible Crisis" which didnt work out to well. So now he is happy to be back among friends with Team Envied.

Tiago ‘PsYcHo_ShotA’ Fernandes ( C )
Daniel ‘FastX-’ Fernandes
Hayden ‘AciDBurN-_-’ Addison
Stuart ‘GhostNo1’ Fraser
Nick ‘iPeanutz’ Van der Hoeven
Fabian ‘xFabz-’ Dompi

Fabian, What made you decide to re-join your old team mates at Team Envied?

' i've rejoined Team Envied because i think they've become a very decent team after they picked up very good players like AcidBurn-_- & GhostNo1. Also wanna try to go LAN with Black Ops and i think it's easier for me to do that with players i know in real life.'

What do you hope yourself and Team Envied can achieve over the first few months of Black Ops?

I've been in great teams like vital where i've learned alot. So i hope i can help this team with the experience i have to become a Top 8 team. It will take alot of time to get there tbh but i hope it will work and stick together for a long time.'

Tell us a little about the changes made within the team, with Fabian coming in and MrFlava parting ways!

' We know Fabian very well
Psycho and I know Fabian namely in Real Life
He is a good player that we missed in Envied
Flava is definitely a good player
but the negative was that he was a young player
and would not play clan wars

So having spoken to him that it would be better to go out '

We would like to wish you and Team Envied all he best, Is there anything else you would like to add?

'Yes, thank you Emmet for writing the article

We hope that we can perform well, we Also go to LAN uMothaFuck! '





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Fab News For Team Envied
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