The organisation Infinitus have picked up a PS3 team to represent them on Black Ops. The team joining, formely known as DeMand, are said to be very pleased with this move. The dM team who finished 5th/6th at the recent Reading LAN event have added three extra players to their roster...

Will "Wilzo" Allen who finished in 3rd place at Reading with his team Infinitus, Robert "RimXster" Finn previous member of ybT and EUeSports owner Phil "aQiLA" Huggan.


Gavin "Infinitus-Woody" Tinnelly (C)
Emmet "Infinitus-Slinky" McColgan
Mark "Infinitus-BoPeep" Smyth
Will "Infinitus-Buzz" Allen
Robert "Infinitus-Rex" Finn
Phil "Infinitus-Wheezy" Huggan

What can we expect from this team ? Will you challenge the top 8 ?

'Well basically, Our roster is full of lads who all get along and have some serious banter aswell. But after LAN, Some of us, me included want to try push the top 8 on BO and see how we can progress. So, Yes. We will be aiming for top 8'

Emmet, Can you explain us why you recruited these new players and what you expect from them ?

'We recruited these 3 after LAN. Basically we all got along well and enjoy each others banter. But on a gaming note. Phil has been on the gaming scene and played at a high level before without any trouble. And Willzo and Rim are 2 players who have always been playing around top 8 level. (Rim is a maniac aswell Smile. And Wilzo is my apprentice'

RimXster(Rex), Why did you decide to join infinitus ? And what do you expect ?

'Well after finding out BSQ were not going to be attending LANs I decided I needed a team for them. The Reading LAN was great fun, and i got on with the boys well and it was good fun meeting up with the Irish lot. it didn't take long for Emmet to convince me to join, and i look forward to meeting up with them again at future LANs and events.
As for our aims as a team, well we are all looking for Top 8. I think if we stick together and are active enough then we definitely have a chance of achieveing that..'

Team Envied wishes Infinitus best of luck on Black Ops