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MCD Clan League Sponsored by Gameloft  MC-Domo-TB-1

ConsoleGaming is proud to have partnered up with the official developers of Modern Combat: Domination, Gameloft, to bring you our next major sponsored event.

With the MCD ODC and Clan Tournament on its way we feel it's time for another event to happen in support of Gameloft's Modern Combat Domination.

This time we will be running a clan league for MDC. The match default
size will be 4v4 and this league will consist of sixteen teams
initially, but the size may be increased depending on demand.

The league will consist of four groups with four teams in each group.
The two best teams from each group will advance to the playoffs, which
will be seeded this way:

Group A winner vs. Group B runner-up.
Group B winner vs. Group A runner-up.
Group C winner vs. Group D runner-up.
Group D winner vs. Group C runner-up.

Sign ups have already begun. Click here to enter your team into this league.

You can see the league here. Those who haven't yet signed up to the ladder clan can click here
to so. If you are currently without a clan, feel free to post a thread
in the Recruitment section or create your own team. If you haven't yet
bought the game, you can do so from the PSN Store for £6.29 / 7.99
Euros / $7.99.


The rules for this tournament can be found here.


The winning team of this league will bag themselves the following, courtesy of our league sponsors, Gameloft:

  • 4x 50 Euro PSN Store Vouchers
  • PS3 Games Bundle (this will consist of some PS3 titles, which are yet to be officially announced).
Note: Each of the four members will be winning a games bundle and a PSN voucher worth 50 Euros!

We also realize that many players who don't win the league have still
performed exceptionally well throughout the event. We will reward one of
these players with a PSN Voucher (50 Euros) also courtesy of our sponsors.

The winner of this prize will be selected from one of the losing teams
in the knockout stages (play-offs). Each winning clan will be asked to
write a match report, where they also must mention their toughest
opponent in the opposing team. This should be based upon how well the
opponent played overall and not necessarily who achieved the highest
kill/death ratio.

We would like to thank Gameloft
for sponsoring this event. Once again, sign ups have begun, so if you
haven't yet joined a team, ladder or this league, start doing so!

Sony Platform Manager

By Xen ;