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 Kz3 Opening Clan League

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PostSubject: Kz3 Opening Clan League    Kz3 Opening Clan League  I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 04 2011, 09:34

Kz3 Opening Clan League  KZ3a

To kick-start the Killzone 3 Arena on, I am pleased to
announce the second of many events held here on - The Killzone 3 Opening Clan League

For those of you who have not already done so, you can create a Clan on the Killzone 3 Clan Ladder by clicking here


Sign ups

Sign ups for this league are now open. The league will initially
be open to 8 teams, with these teams being split into , but this can
obviously be increased if there is enough demand. The top 4 teams will
then go into a single elimination knock-out tournament, with the
brackets being seeded.

Please ensure you have at least 4 members on your roster before signing
up to the league also, as it creates a lot of hassle removing/ replacing

**PLEASE NOTE that this tournament is ONLY OPEN TO EU TEAMS. Any North American teams will be removed from the league before it starts.***



Although ideally I would like games to be larger than 4v4, I think
everyone can agree that the game isnt really going to be that active
here on CG, and by setting the team sizes any bigger we would not have
any teams sign up.

The rules used for this league will be the most up to date CG ruleset. You can view a full list of the ConsoleGaming Kz3 rules here



The winning team will receive;

A Winners Signature made by the CG GFX Staff
500xp on the CG Clan Ladder.

The runners up will receive;

A Runners Up Signature made by the CG GFX Staff
300xp on the CG Clan Ladder.

The 3rd Place team will receive;

A 3rd Place Signature made by the CG GFX Staff
200xp on the CG Clan Ladder

Good luck to all teams which sign up, I am going to post this on so hopefully we get a few new teams sign up and play.

CG Kz3 Staff

Kz3 Opening Clan League  Logopng-1witheffectwide
Sponsors: Zideo & Blue Elph
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Kz3 Opening Clan League
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