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 Champions League last 16 P2P Event.

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PostSubject: Champions League last 16 P2P Event.    Sun Nov 28 2010, 03:09

Well as many people know it is down to the last 16 teams in a couple of weeks time and we will be running a P2P event for this.

We will be picking teams at random for people on a live stream so people can see who they get live and what not. I would like to say that this will be all random and if you get a shit last 16 team then I'm sorry but that's the luck. I know some teams are stronger than others in FIFA11 but again this is down to the draw and your luck. End of the day its £2 and well its more about having some fun and if you win, well thats a added bonus.

The matches will be played on the same week as the champions league. If teams cannot arrange to play then a default date/time will be picked. If your team is playing at home then you will get to HOST the matches.


Matches will be played at 6Min a game.
Games will be BO3
Home teams host all the matches.

To enter the P2P event it will cost £2 per player.

The prizes will be as followed

1st Prize - £20
2nd Prize - £10
3rd Prize - Betting Slip*

*The community will decide on 4 matches within the champions league to put an accumulator on. If this bet comes through, 3rd place will win the money.
If the prize money happens to be more than 1st or 2nd place then 3rd place will get £10. The money left over will then get added on to 1st place.

If you’re interested in playing then please send £2 as a gift through PayPal to

Goodluck to everybody that takes part.



Sponsors: Zideo & Blue Elph
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Champions League last 16 P2P Event.
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