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 aMaZe-ing New Team For Vanity!

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PostSubject: aMaZe-ing New Team For Vanity!    aMaZe-ing New Team For Vanity!  I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 02 2010, 03:23

aMaZe-ing New Team For Vanity!  1-7

Vanity have tampered with the roster of their PS3 team once again on Call of Duty Black Ops. The edited team will include AJ McClure formerly of Imperial, which may come as a shock to some. Vanity, who were arguably one of the top 3 teams come the end of MW2, have also picked up Harri 'Crazy' Lye, who was also formerly of the Imperial team when they were known as "eMpathy".

Dave (BulletWizard) was in the inital Vanity team and he has stuck with the promising team. The last, but certainly not least player of the formidable roster is Aaron James Whitehead (AJyW), another former Imperial player who had 'quit' gaming only a couple of weeks ago but decided to come back and play with this roster.


aMaZe-ing New Team For Vanity!  England AJ "Amaze" McClure
aMaZe-ing New Team For Vanity!  England Harri "CrazyHL" Lye
aMaZe-ing New Team For Vanity!  England Aaron James "AJW" Whitehead
aMaZe-ing New Team For Vanity!  England David "Bullet" Weingard

We talked to players about the team...

AJ, you left Imperial, arguably the best team on the PS3 scene, what was the motive behind the move and what are your aims with this 4 man roster?

'To cut the story short, i have always wanted to lead my own team and try and lead them to some sort of success. Crazy was close to quitting, as his team (Vanity) fell apart due to Craig (GooNa) having life priorities. So this seemed the perfect opputunity to one lead my own team and team up with Hazza and keep him on the game.'

So you have picked up your old team mate Aaron (who some may know as iGod), what are your reasons for this?

'Aaron got his PS3 back at the time of when we were recruiting so this seemed the perfect opputunity to complete the team line up and once again teaming up with my old team mate Aaron.'

Aaron, what made you come back to PS3 competitive gaming. It was only a short period away, but what did you miss, or what were your looking forward to?

'Well i did stop playing ps3 for a while, with exams coming up and not particularly enjoying the game i decided it was time for a break. Long story short, I planned to sell a PS3 to a friend who decided it was a better idea to buy a 360 so i was 'stuck' with a PS3. Missed the community tbh, as there were alot of sound lads and I really enjoyed my time in ybT/eM and Gen/Vital/vA, plus as i now had more time on my hands it was logical i guess to make a return especially considering 3 very good players and former teammates were making a team. Particularly looking forward to LAN and feel we have a strong, 'LANable' team here in which i'm looking forward to be a part of.'

Dave, you were in Vanity before Black Ops' release, with the changes been made throughout, are you optimistic about this current roster?

'The Vanity roster at first was really good, but then people left and what not, and the team didn't seem to be stable. After leaving the first time I was asked by AJ and Harri (or should I say begged, only joking) to join with them. In the end it seemed the best option. As for the roster, they're all sound guys and all good players, so we should do well, so yes I am optimistic, we have the potential to do very well.'

Harri, you have teamed with everyone in this roster previously. Do you think you can challenge the top teams who have a bit of a head start on Vanity?

'yes, I was in eMpathy for a while with AJ and Aaron, I have teamed with dave for a short time, but in that time i seen how skillful he was. I no Aaron and AJ has the skill to be in a top team and i think we will all bond very well together. Im looking to push the top3. Just sad to see Craig quit after he was such a strong player.'

EUeSports & Team Envied wish Vanity the best of luck in the future.
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aMaZe-ing New Team For Vanity!
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