Vanity goes Crazy  TeamVanitySig

Vanity has finally stabilised their new roster. Recently RobzTa- left Vanity to rejoin "Game-Over", leaving Vanity a player short. They were in need of a good objective player and decided to pick up CrazyHL. Crazy hasn't had much luck with finding a team since he left Imperial, formerly known as The Reign. But with the release of Black Ops he had the opportunity to join Steam Trains but unfortunately things didn't work out. Earlier today he was set to join Vigor although after a chat with Goona he had a last minute change of heart to join Team Vanity.

Team Vanity

Vanity goes Crazy  England Craig `GooNa` Greendale (C)
Vanity goes Crazy  England Dave ` Bulletwizard` Weingard
Vanity goes Crazy  England Rob `WarDemon` wilson
Vanity goes Crazy  England Harri `Crazy` Lye

Crazy, Since you left Imperial/TheReign you haven't had much luck with finding a new team. Do you think Team Vanity will be a stable team ? What do you expect from your team/mates ? Challenge top 8 or better ?

'When i got dropped the game was dead, it was hard for me to join a new team because i get rated on my voice, not my skill. Vanity is a great team with top players, GooNa is a very good leader and will stick with the team no matter what. I expect us to gel together rapidly and form a top team. We will deffinatley be a Top 8 team pushing for the Top3 spot. Just want to say thanks to GooNa for recruiting me.'

GooNa, What made you decide to pick up Crazy ?

'Well he is a great player and has been in other good teams which shows he has what it takes. His role has been SMG Objective, which is what this team lacks, so he will fit in well. '

GooNa, What can we expect from your team ? Take a spot in the top8 or even better ?

'Yeah, definately. We're going to start to play games now we have everything sorted now, Top 5 is reachable if we work at it. '

Goodluck with your team, anything else you like to add ?

'Thanks, just looking forward to playing in the Vanity tourny with this team now everything is sorted '

EUeSports/Team Envied wishes Crazy and his new team Team Vanity best of luck.