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 SPOILER - CoD: Black Ops zombie slayers detailed

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PostSubject: SPOILER - CoD: Black Ops zombie slayers detailed   Mon Nov 01 2010, 05:24

SPOILERS ALERT -- This news article contains major spoilers pertaining to Call of Duty: Black Ops' hidden zombie mini-game, so do not venture beyond this point if you don't fancy seeing who you'll be controlling to tackle the undead hordes come November 9.

Players will be able to assume command of former United States presidents John F Kennedy and Richard Nixon to tackle the undead apocalypse in Call of Duty: Black Ops’ zombie mode, it has been revealed.

In addition, gamers will also get to hop in to the shoes of Cuban leader Fidel Castro and US secretary of state Robert McNamara in an effort to quell the hordes of marauding walking corpses, as confirmed via a video posted up on YouTube."Zombies," comments Kennedy. "Gentlemen, at times like these our capacity to retaliate must be and has to be massive to deter all forms of aggression."

Check out the full video below, which clocks in at a meaty six minutes. Meanwhile, be sure to gear up for the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops on November 9.


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SPOILER - CoD: Black Ops zombie slayers detailed
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