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 Black Ops 4v4 1 Day Cup (21/11/10)

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PostSubject: Black Ops 4v4 1 Day Cup (21/11/10)    Tue Nov 16 2010, 05:43

With Call of Duty:Black Ops being out just over a week, ConsoleGaming is happy to announce the first of hopefully many 1 day cup events run in the Black Ops Arena. This first event in particular will be a 4v4 one day cup run using the elite clan ladder. It will take place over Sunday 21st November, with matches starting around 3pm.

Sign-ups for this event will start at 5pm on Saturday 20th November, but I must stress that for these cups to work teams must be certain that they can play when signing up.

The event will be for 8 teams only, although if there is enough interest it will either be increased to 16 teams or another bracket will be run alongside the current one. You can sign your team up to the tournament here:

The ruleset used for this event will be the Elite Ladder ruleset, with each game being played best of 3 maps (Final will be best of 5). Set maps + deadlines will be annonced on the Saturday, once the tournament is full.

The full ruleset for the Elite Ladder can be found here:


The winning team will receive;

  • 500xp on the CG Elite Ladder.

The runners up will receive;

  • 250xp on the CG Elite Ladder.

The 3rd Place team will receive;

  • 100xp on the CG Elite Ladder

We wish teams the best of luck, and remember these events will only be a success if people co-operate well and get their games played on time

CG Black Ops Staff


Sponsors: Zideo & Blue Elph
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Black Ops 4v4 1 Day Cup (21/11/10)
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