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 cod4 team

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PostSubject: cod4 team    Sat Apr 16 2011, 14:16

Line Up

IRC accounts


Achievements :

- Couple of random cups on esportshaven

Screenshots vs Preinvite/Academy Teams ONLY ( we have a lot more future academy and know teams screens, but we think that preinv/acad screens shows the real skill) Reset vs CRG 13 - 11 Reset Vs 12- 12 DRAW Reset vs 13 - 4 Reset vs BBQ 13 - 11 Reset vs CodeRed 13 - 4 Reset vs Beast 10 - 13 LOSE Reset vs e. 13 - 7 Reset vs swawe 13 - 10 Reset vs VIP 13 - 11 Reset vs eXcessus 7 - 2 ( they left the game ) Reset vs IM 13-10 Reset vs amaze 12 - 12 DRAW] Reset vs CRG 13 - 11 Reset vs CPL 7 - 5 ( they left after the half time, said that one player has to go )

Attended Lans

We were about to attend one LAN in Italy, but one of our player had a problem with his passport so were not able to attend it,we had paid all expenses and u can find us under paid list on tek9, or UGC site, bu as i said we got problems with passports so money was given back to manager, but all of us attended lans seperatly, you have the list on our line up pictures.

Future Plans

We are planning to attend all future LANs in region, to get into academy, later in preinvite, get as better result we can and get some cash on lans :)Basicaly we want to became stable team with a lot of willing to play and became better and better.

About the team

As team we are playing for about 5 months, since then we get some decent result and get some respect from high ranked teams, but i should mention that :
Skyzer and exi are playing for about 2 years together in same teams and that yen and spexzy are playing in same teams for about year and half.Few days after we made our team we get into resetgaming is good and friendly organisation from Italy, they support us in all ways, and in turn we are trying to present their name as best as we can.

Why should we get in?
We are high skilled team with big aspiration to became one of the best teams on CoD #eu scene.We will keep playing activly, play as most cups we can, attend as most lans we can, and we really need to get into academy so we can play with skilled teams so we can practice for upcoming lans, and, later, to get screens for preivite apply Smile

Thank you for taking your time to read this and we hope that we will be in academy soon Smile

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PostSubject: Re: cod4 team    Thu Apr 21 2011, 03:44

can u contact me


Sponsors: Zideo & Blue Elph
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cod4 team
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