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 Team Envied vs(Power Gaming) Team Galvz

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PostSubject: Team Envied vs(Power Gaming) Team Galvz    Sat Apr 02 2011, 02:02

Map 1 - Summit CTF
Drawn Round 1-1

Team Envied won 3-2

Comments: One of the most action packed Summit CTF i have ever been in.
We had to replay this map after a thrilling round of this map. Many
flags taken by Power Gaming were inches from victory but so far from
reality. Ghost and myself were playing a very defensive sneaky game
stopping every push from the opposing side. One point on the first half
of the drawn map was a peach of a nade by myself to cut of the agressive
flag runner to cap in the last seconds (youtube vid below). Power
Gaming Kept our team under a spawn trap for large periods of the game.
However Envied had spells in the game where we looked unbeatable. The
most tense, heart pounding match that ended in a sleight win over Power

Map 2 - Firing Range Domination
1st Round 150-125 Team Envied Win
2nd Round 63-209 Power Gaming Win
Overall 213-334 Power Gaming Win Overall


Comments: Team Envied performed very well in the first round of this
map. We kept a strong 2 cap and occasionally a 3 cap. However towards
the end of the 1st round they 3 capped us for a short time that dented
our lead to only 25 points. Sammi i also have to mention did the best
python kills, on killing top wood and then a double spray to defend B
Dom, fucking mint! We went into the second round confident to bring it
home. However the sides were a mix up and noone was on the correct team.
By the time we were on the right team Galvs flew in with a nice nade on
C to kill 2 of us. This was the beggining of the end for us on this
domination game being easily slayed and could hardly get a home flag.
Great play by Galvs team to win by such a margin however on another day
that second round could have been a different story.

Map 3 - Grid SnD
Power Gaming Won 5-2

Comments: Not much to say about S&D. I can see why people dislike it
in this community, the ruleset makes it poor and i cannot use euesports
weopons on S&D. Oh well something we need to work on. Fair play by
Power Gaming as they looked organised and had so pretty agressive

Map 4 - Launch Demo
Team Envied Won 2-0


Comments: This was very surprizing for us. We barley get our last plant
in before the time is up and we defended it well. However throught the
1st part of demolition Power Gaming Looked strong and defended the bomb
site heavily. However we broke through and got he first round. We then
ha to defend. We were all playing ok but we didnt think that we would
hold out. However we held out comfortably and they didnt destroy one
bomb site. Great play by Sammi defending A on his own, aswell as cambos 3
piece to get the bomb plant away in the first round and his amazing
slaying when defending the bomb won us the match.

Map 5 - Havana CTF
Team Envied Won 10-2


Comments: Last map. Very tense in the lobby. Galvs mentions its their
strongest map. Team Envied were quietly confident about this map due to
our amazing 4 man bar dfense against many teams in scrims. Team Envied
were off from the word go. Straight away i get a two piece ad we push
forward to spawn rape. Ghost then gets our first flag in the first
minute and then i relay it to get 2-0 up within 2 minutes. Halfway
through the 1st round Willz then leaves after a perfect corner sit by
Ghost. Starry then steps up to the plate for Power Gaming doing fairly
well i might add in trying to keep them in the game as he capture one of
there two flags for them. We then cap 2 more flags in the last minute
of the first half. But power gaming do some good work to pull one back
in the last seconds of the half (4-1). We then go on to enialate them
and forces there allstar pickup that carried them all the way through
the match YMCAnts to leave the game also. We then cruise to win 10-2
after Cod Crazy kindly comes in as yet another pickup to try and salvage

Overall Team Envied Win 3-2!

Overall Comments: Great games. Tough opponent but pickups have very
muched helped their cause. Apart from galvz the rest of the team was
carried by Ants heavily. So well played to the pickup and Galvz.

This match report took hours -_-

Written by: Theo on


Sponsors: Zideo & Blue Elph
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Team Envied vs(Power Gaming) Team Galvz
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