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 CG SCEE Socom: Special Forces Beta Tournament

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PostSubject: CG SCEE Socom: Special Forces Beta Tournament    CG SCEE Socom: Special Forces Beta Tournament  I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 22 2011, 05:58

CG SCEE Socom: Special Forces Beta Tournament  Socomspecialforceslogo
With the second phase of the beta having begun (not
that it matters to the majority on ConsoleGaming!), it is clear that the
overall feedback for the game has been overwhelming. Community members
are treating this beta as if it were the real game! With this in mind,
ConsoleGaming have partnered up with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe who are sponsoring our very first tournament on the new SOCOM, which will take place on the beta itself!

The developers are clearly working hard and fixing small issues from
time to time. The clan system within the beta is functional enough for
matches to be playable. Therefore, we will take full advantage of this
by launching our very own tournament.

We understand that many players are currently still clanless. This event
will therefore only be a 4v4 clan tournament (call it squads if you
must). If you are in a clan that has more than that, feel free to split
into two teams and sign both up. A separate beta ladder has been made
to ensure that your team on the main clan ladder will remain intact.
Although this may be disappointing to some teams who enjoy playing in
larger groups, rest assured that there will be plenty of events in the
future that are fully clan-based. Since this is our first event and it's
on a beta, we'd prefer as many people to get involved as possible, and
not all members on this site are currently in clans with eight people!


Since we are still at a stage where the rules are being discussed, we have come up with a basic set of rules.

  • No grenade launchers (unless you are playing Bomb Squad and you are the technician).
  • No Suppression.
  • First Map Twice: The first map and mode must be played twice, with
    each clan playing as Insurgents and Spec Ops once. This is to eliminate
    any issues of a map being biased towards one team! If both teams win a
    map each, the team that won the most rounds will win the match. If
    both teams have won the same number of rounds after two maps, you must
    replay the match until we have a winner! (Since there is no tiebreaker
    system in place yet, this is how we will have to do it).
  • Since the current in-game comms aren't up to scratch, use of
    external methods to communicate with your team (Skype, Teamspeak etc.)
    is permitted.
We feel that a 4v4 tournament would encourage more defensive play
(otherwise known as camping!). Therefore, we will not add Suppression
as a mode.

Note: We expect as per usual, disputes will take place.
Therefore, please ensure that at least one person in your team takes
proof of the final scores in each map. Also, make sure you take a
picture of the correct score! There are sometimes glitches that result
in the score not showing up properly.


We have four copies of SOCOM: Special Forces to giveaway to the winning team of the tournament, courtesy of SCEE.
These games will either be promos, or special press packs (those who
took part in our SOCOM 2 farewell fun night a couple of years ago may
remember what press packs can look like!).


We will be imposing very strict deadlines on matches being played.
Since we only have a couple of weeks left for the beta, the deadlines
will be based on the number of teams that are signed up. We will
announce these soon (as well as the maps and modes for each round). The
maps and modes will therefore not be selected by the randomizer. These
will also be announced after sign ups are complete.

If you fail to play a match within a certain time frame and there is
clearly no ticket with proof that you have tried, we will give you a
specific time and date when you should arrive for a match (this will be a
sensible time, as opposed to 3am in the morning!). If no teams show up
for this specific time, they are both kicked. If one team shows up,
they are through. Of course, if both show up, the match should be
played. Therefore, a day or two before the deadline, if teams still
haven't played their matches, we will announce a time and date when you
should play your match.

Sign Ups:

Sign ups begin tomorrow (23rd March, 6pm UK time). We will
start with 16 teams however this can be raised if needed be. Since teams
should only have four people, we anticipate that 16 would fill quite
quickly, even during a time when clans haven't stabilized their rosters
and there are plenty of clanless members.

If you want to join in but don't have a clan, feel free to post a Recruitment thread.

You may sign up to the SCEE SOCOM Beta Ladder here. Sign ups to the ladder have already begun.

Once you have signed up to the ladder, you can also sign up to the tournament (on 23rd March) by clicking here.

We will announce more information in the next few days. You only have until Sunday 27th March 8pm UK Time to get your team signed up.

Good luck to everyone who participates!

One Final Note: In a situation where there is some sort of
dispute (since this is a beta, there are often server crashes due to
maintenance etc.), please use some common sense if anything unexpected
occurs! If you still cannot solve a dispute, feel free to contact me
immediately on Skype or MSN. If I am not around, you may submit a

CG SCEE Socom: Special Forces Beta Tournament  Scee

CG SCEE Socom: Special Forces Beta Tournament  Logopng-1witheffectwide
Sponsors: Zideo & Blue Elph
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CG SCEE Socom: Special Forces Beta Tournament
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