Up and coming organisation 'Next Century eSports' have announced today that they shall be launching a Call of Duty 4 tournament, for the EUeSports community. The tournament will start on Monday the 18th of October and will be free to play. It will be played under Decerto v2 rules and should be a good end of CoD4 tournament in the build up to Black Ops.

Entering The Tournament
If you are interested in entering a team into the NCE CoD4 tournament, simply sign up to www.Next-Century.eu. Once you have signed up, go to the following link (http://next-century.eu/tournaments.php?do=view&id=2) and click the 'Join Tournament' button towards the bottom right. Fill in all of the details and get all of your team members to sign up. Once your members have signed up they can send a "Team Request", which the captain can then accept. Once all of the members are in the roster, the team will automatically be moved to the brackets.

NCE want as many teams as possible to sign up to this tournament, and if around 30 teams can be reached, it has been said that 200 Euros will be the prize pot. All of the tournament information, such as rounds, teams, brackets and the like will be found on EUeSports and NCE, as soon as enough teams have signed up. If you have any questions, feel free to visit the NCE website or contact the tournament manager on the below details:

PSN: NCe-draStic
MSN: Nils_Pouderoyen[at]hotmail.com

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