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 Razer Onza Review

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PostSubject: Razer Onza Review   Razer Onza Review I_icon_minitimeSun May 08 2011, 00:50

Razer Onza
Decerto Review
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competitive console gaming has taken off it has always lacked the PC
scene's wide range of accessories and peripherals. There have been
attempts at customisable controllers, but none of them have ever been
embraced by the gaming community. Whilst PC players can spend hundreds
of pounds on mice, mats, keyboards and anything else that could up their
game, console gamers have had to settle with a different headset and
some Kontrol Freeks. However, with the release of the Razer Onza, all
has changed.

Razer Onza Review Razer-onza-te-gallery3
Razer Onza
Initial flaw:
have been playing with and getting used to this new controller for 5
days now. After using the pad for a day or two there was one prominent,
glaring flaw that battled the wealth of advantages - the length of the
trigger buttons. The trigger, along with every other button on the pad,
is hyper response. Hence, it is hard to control the rate of fire on an
automatic weapon and firing an M16 or a python more often than not
results in 1 burst or bullet being fired, following by a whole lot of
nothing. The reason this happens is because with a normal pad bullets
are not fired until the trigger is compressed about a quarter of the way
down, but this varies from pad to pad. Players can get used to the
necessary compression on their pad and therefore can develop a “trigger
finger”. On the Onza the bullets are fired at the lightest of touches to
the trigger. If you, like me, rest your finger at the peak of the
trigger, then this results in the problem I previously described. To
begin with, this seemed a fatal flaw. Losing every python 1v1 and having
an M16 that rarely fires swift consecutive bursts isn't an amiable
trait. However, in the last day or two I have found that the solution to
this is merely to rest your finger further down the right trigger. This
might seem an obvious fix, however it felt very alien at first,
slightly like trying to adjust to using a “claw” grip.

Razer Onza Review Razer-onza-te-overview2
Additional bumper
Reprogrammable buttons:
is perhaps the biggest modification made to this controller. On the
back of the pad you can program any of your buttons (A, B, X, Y, RB, RT
etc) to one of two extra buttons situated in front of the right and left
bumper buttons, shown at the top of the above image. I chose to assign
the left bumper to jump and the right bumper to knife. Whilst the extra
knife button hasn't proved overly advantageous yet, the ability to jump
and turn whilst accurately shooting is priceless and has proven its
worth several times already.
Rating: 9/10

Razer Onza Review Razer-onza-te-overview1
Adjustable sticks
Adjustable tension on the sticks:
key modification to this pad is the ability to adjust the tension on
each of the analogue sticks with a click wheel. I am still playing with
the different levels and have not decided on a set tension as of yet.
However, as a general rule I would say a slightly more tense stick helps
long range AR shots, whereas a more loose stick allows for quicker SMG
Rating: 7/10

aspect of the pad is very understated. The rubberised grip, hand rests
on the back and rubberised analogue sticks mean that your hands never
sweat or ache.
Rating: 9/10

Razer Onza Review Razer-onza-te-gallery2
Razer Onza
Value for money:
£50 for the tournament edition (adjustable sticks) and £40 for the
standard edition (non adjustable sticks) compared to £20 or £30 that one
would spend on a new standard controller, I would say this product is
good value for money. In hindsight I would still buy the tournament
edition as £10 extra for the stick feature seems well worth it to me.
However, if the standard edition is more within your price range then I
would still definitely shell out for it. In comparison with the money
your average gamer spends on name changes or headsets, it's a no
Rating - 8/10

conclude I would strongly recommend the Razer Onza. Despite only having
used the controller for 5 days, the advantages are becoming more and
more pronounced each day. When the new buttons and features become
second nature I can imagine the pad is even more worth while.
Overall rating - 9/10

picture source: razerzone.com
Source: decerto.net
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Razer Onza Review
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