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 Reflex GT 4 Announced

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PostSubject: Reflex GT 4 Announced   Reflex GT 4 Announced I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 23 2011, 10:28

Reflex GT 4 Announced 2mza8oy
Reflex GT is back! Back to organise LAN tournaments for a total of
four games: FIFA 11, Super Street Fighter IV, Call of Duty: Black Ops
and Halo: Reach. In three weekends of June 2011, the Kaos Gamecenter in
Weesp (The Netherlands) will serve as the venue for Reflex GT 4. More
games, more gamers, more prizes, better coverage and overall, better
quality LAN tournaments!

Today, only the Reflex GT 4 dates are announced. Detailed tournament
information and the ticket sales will be up as soon as possible.

  • FIFA 11 (Xbox 36) 1v1: Saturday, June 4th, 2011
  • Super Street Fighter IV (Xbox 360) 1v1: Sunday, June 5th, 2011
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops (Xbox 360) 4v4: Saturday - Sunday, June 11th - 12th, 2011
  • Halo: Reach (Xbox 360) 4v4: Saturday - Sunday, June 25th - 26th, 2011
FIFA 11 1v1
We have experienced organising a FIFA 11 1v1 LAN just a week ago at
Reflex GT 3. In Reflex GT 4, we are going to take this game to the next
LAN level: aiming to host a 1v1 for FIFA players from all over Europe.
Estimated prize money: 1000 EUR. Discuss this tournament here (Tournaments > Reflex GT 4 > F11 1v1).

Super Street Fighter IV 1v1
A new title has been added to the Reflex GT LAN line-up, SSF4 (Xbox
360)! The most popular fighthing game of this moment will have it's own
1v1 LAN tournament at Reflex GT 4. We know a lot of Dutch fighters will
be interested in participating, but we also aim for other European
players. Estimated prize money: 1500 EUR. Discuss this tournament here (Tournaments > Reflex GT 4 > SSF4 1v1).

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4v4
For the third time, we will be hosting a Call of Duty 4v4 tournament. With the support of the Decerto.net
community, we expect this tournament to be a big one. Due to the
expected number of attending teams, this tournament will be a two day
tournament. Estimated prize money: 2000 EUR. Discuss this tournament here (Tournaments > Reflex GT 4 > CoDBO 4v4).

Halo: Reach 4v4
Also for our third time, Halo: Reach! This two day LAN tournament will
probably attract teams from all over Europe. We expect the best of the
best Halo teams to compete in our professional LAN tournament
environment. Estimated prize money: 2000 EUR. Discuss this tournament here (Tournaments > Reflex GT 4 > HR 4v4).

Reflex GT 4 Announced 2n99gdc
Reflex GT 2: the Halo: Reach 4v4 tournament.

Reflex GT 4 Announced Ddope8
Being the best pays off. Fnatic.MSI winning RGT2 HR 4v4.

Reflex GT 4 Announced Mt144p
Being the best pays off. RGT3's winner iGunWiZe.

Traveling and hotels
We are currently working on a extensive travel guide to help
international teams with their Amsterdam journey (Weesp is next to
Amsterdam). Check back here very soon!

The ticket sales will be up at a later time, aswell as detailed
information about the above tournaments. But to participate, you will
need an account here on ReflexGT.com. Register now! Already have an account and want to update your username? Go to the Username Change Requests topic on the forum.

Discover the Reflex GT website! At the Tournament
section, everything about any Reflex GT tournaments can be found and
forum topics cover the community's reaction to them. To present
tournament information, we work with 'tournament workbooks'. The can't
be missed when going to a tournament's page/forum. The workbooks for
Reflex GT 4 tournaments will be up later. Over at Standings,
the leaderboards keeps track of players who have done well in Reflex GT
tournaments, based on earned rank points in both LAN and online RGT
tournaments. At Media, pictures and videos of our LAN tournaments can be viewed, as well as Video on Demand gameplays! Check out the Forum
to interact with the Reflex GT community. It's not that active right
now, but with your help, ReflexGT.com might grow to one of Europe's
biggest console gaming hub.

Spread the word!

Follow Reflex GT on Twitter.

Source: Decerto.net
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Reflex GT 4 Announced
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