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Team Envied eSports
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 Team Envied vs Natural Addiction

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PostSubject: Team Envied vs Natural Addiction    Team Envied vs Natural Addiction  I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 02 2011, 00:49

Team Envied vs Natural Addiction

Ill keep this short an sweet.

Map 1 - Firing Range CTF
Team Envied won 6-3

MVP: Envied-Theo
Comments: Was quite a tight game in the first half. Envied went 3-1 up
but let them cap a flag in the last seconds of the half to make it 3-2.
However it was our first proper competitive game against any team.

Map 2 - Launch Domination
1st Round 164-116 - Team Envied Won
2nd Round 116-156 - Natural Addiction Won
Overall: 280-272
8 Team Envied


Comments: Was relatively easy 1st round
of domination. We all played well and had 2 flags for the majority of
the game. However 2nd round was quite unfortunate for us. Sammi had a
household emergency (Flooding bath) and we played with 3 players for the
majority of that game.

Map 3 - Villa SnD
Team Envied Won 6-4

MVP: Envied-Cambo
Comments: Cambo and ghost were purley amazing on S&D dropping kills
like it was a spawn mode match. Things were tight but ghost got out his
sniper and did fairly well with it. Cambo doing very nice small clutches
and overall being the best player on that map. Apart from the laying
down in corners and spawn camping by NTA it was pretty fun s&d.

Overall Team Envied Won 3-0
Overall Comments: Team Envied got the job done. Very tight at times when
it shouldnt have been but we have learnt from our mistakes and brought
the 3 points home.

Written by: Theo on EUeSport.com
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PostSubject: Re: Team Envied vs Natural Addiction    Team Envied vs Natural Addiction  I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 03 2011, 11:30

well played us. Very Happy
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Team Envied vs Natural Addiction
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