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 Building A New Imperial

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PostSubject: Building A New Imperial    Wed Nov 03 2010, 07:24

After Reading Lan and with BOps coming out in 6 days, lot's of teams are rebuilding and picking up players from other teams. Rich left imperial for Royalty, this left Imperial looking for another player. Imperial strengthen their roster with two players, Alex and iGod are making a return to the team.

Okkes 'Zilla' Alici (C)
Cedrick 'Sensei' Odompleh
Andrew 'AJ' MCclure
Aaron 'AJW' Whitehead
Alex 'Alex' Lilley

What made you decide to pick iGod and Alex back up ?

'Well before Alex took a break from gaming I told him that his place in Imperial will always be there as he’s such a great player to have in the team. With Aaron the original plan was that he would return for Black ops and with Rich leaving the team it was the best time to get him back as he has the ability to fill that gap.'

Can we expect to see you battle for the top3, just like your team did on MW2 ? Or do you think the competition is to high and you aim for a top8 spot ?

'Yeah no doubt the competition will be higher with all these new teams forming for black ops but you also got to remember hardly any of these teams have played together whereas we have been playing together since the ‘eMpathy’ days. So to answer that question our aim will always be top1.'

With allot of new teams being formed who do you see/think that will be the best teams on BOps ?

'Well first team that comes to mind is obviously Imperox as they have been playing together for ages now and its great to see them back together. And you also have the newly formed teams such as: DPTP, Royalty and galvz team (do they have a team name?). But yeah Black ops looks likes it’s going to be great as I don’t think we will have 1 team dominating at all.'

Team Envied wishes Imperial the best of luck for Black Ops.


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Building A New Imperial
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