With Black ops only a couple of weeks away, new teams are being formed and old teams are making a comeback. A new team formed with the name Dont Poke The Panda has finalised their roster with ex 4D player Ukpfc. Their roster looks very strong with good and experienced players.



With lots of teams being formed/comingback the competition for the top8 will be really high. Do you think that your team will be able to take a spot in this top8 ?

'Definately, just have a look at the roster we have top quality players who have all done very well on cod. So i dont think top8 will be a problem for us. And i will take nothing less.

Can you tell us abit about your roster ?'

Well i have teamed with knox jones and jake before and they are all quality players, we needed another AR player and from previously playing against Max on cod and i know he has a quality shot. Plus they are all top lads

Goodluck with your team, anything else you like to add ?

'Shouts to the vD and royalty boys. And we will see everyone on Black ops with the new DPTP roster!'

Mike spoke to Ukpfc and he had this to share.

'Rhys and Stevey wanted to team with me and Ryan, however Ryan decided he wanted something new other than the same old people he played with (me), it was his choice and he had been going on for ages about it. Also, he wanted a team that could go Gamestop, so not with me. Rhys then said to me how we need to sort our team out, and asked Hammers and Spacid if they would join/go gamestop. Hammers would not join back as long as I was in the team as it would cancel out his motives that he quit in support of Spacid who got kicked and me his replacement. I did what I had to and left the team to allow them to be how they should be.

Another idea came to my head but this would involve people being kicked from teams, teams splitting up, and I had already been through that with Imperox and didn't want to be involved. My best offer away from all that was DPTP, a team of sound lads I've played with before and probably had the funnest time playing with other than with 4D. They're all great lads and the chance to reunite with Knoxy was a big factor in the move. We all plan to go to a LAN/ECL if the opportunity arises even if we have to get a pickup if Gen ducks
. I wish Imperox good luck in the future and I hope my decisions have benefited them immensely for the best. As of now I hope DPTP become top 3/5 team and make a big influence on LANs.'

Team Envied wishes DPTP best of luck with their team.