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 PS3Break v1.1 PS JailBreak Clone PS3 ModChip Review

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PostSubject: PS3Break v1.1 PS JailBreak Clone PS3 ModChip Review   Tue Oct 19 2010, 04:51

Here is my PS3Break v1.1 PS JailBreak clone PS3 modchip review, which I got from (linked above).

Shipping info:

The package was sent with DHL Express mail. Which means it can be all over the world in just 3-5 business days. The box was sealed with a lot of tape and the content comments were a little funny:

• 1x USB card reader PHAT usb

The package came through the customs without being opened or withdrawn. Payment is via CC and Paypal. If I have to believe were it is shipping from it comes from Hong Kong.

So I would say shipping is a big 9/10.

Package info:

The box around the PS3Break looks very similar to the PSJailbreak box. The sticker says PS3Break V1.1 (was the newest version, there is a version 1.2 coming soon!). There is also a “truth inquiry” sticker. There is a code on it and when I check it on the website it should say LEGIT.

When you open the box you’ll find the PS3Break a strap. It comes without any guaranty/manual

It gets a 7/10. Minor here is the lack of a manual.

PS3Break unit itself:

The unit looks very strong and has an aluminum case. When you hold it the first thing you’ll notice is the “upgrade” key. This is needed to flash the stick with a new HEX or Firmware. When I insert the PS3Break it fits like a glove. No problems there.

I tested this on a phat. When I power the PS3 up and immediately hit the eject button there is a small disco show inside the unit. Then it lights up green and your good to go. Although you need to power down the PS3 totally or else it will not work!

8/10 Down side is that it’s very slippy...

PS3Break working itself:

When I started the unit it worked like a charm. I installed the AVCHD and Game Manager (by Dean). This also works like a charm. Backuping Start the Party took about 10 minutes. Running the game also gives no problems.

8/10 Again. The lack of a manual is still a – here.


Very nice and satisfying product. Only down side is they already made an “thirth GEN” device. So I have got the idea I am having an old stick soon here.

The review math:

9 7 8 8 = 32

32 / 40 * 100% = 80 total score.

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks news. Also be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks Forum for updates!

enclosed. The manual can be found on the website.

PS3break in action

PS3break supports all games

PS3break is compatible with all fat and slim model

PS3break is usb plug and play

Third-generation products(PS3break V1.2)


Break PS3 perfectly

Brand-new appearance design,fire-new style

Operates simply

The protruding upgrade key , more humanity design

More reliable and stable performance

Support online games update

Fix more games issues

Second-generation products(PS3break V1.1)


Break PS3 perfectly

No need unplug external harddisk

No need any original BD booting-disc

100% Upgradeable hardware firmware with V1.1 thoroughly!

Install Retail PS3 packages/PSN Demo Games direct from external USB mass storage

First-generation products(PS3break V1.0)


Break PS3 perfectly

Reading speed will be 2 times faster and it makes users to play more smoothly

Plug & play USB port, the installation will be finished in a few seconds

Homebrew software is supported

Upgradeable hardware firmware

PS3 Break is compatible with all fat and slim model


Sponsors: Zideo & Blue Elph
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PS3Break v1.1 PS JailBreak Clone PS3 ModChip Review
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