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 FnaticMSI.CS to feature on Eurosport

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PostSubject: FnaticMSI.CS to feature on Eurosport   Wed Sep 29 2010, 05:45

FnaticMSI.CS to feature on Eurosport

'Our professional Counter-Strike team are set to feature in a video gaming segment broadcasted on hugely popular television channels Eurosport and Eurosport 2.

Almost 2 months ago, FnaticMSI.CS travelled to China to compete in the ESL Intel Extreme Masters Shangai event. The tournament featured some of the leading names in Asian eSports, including eventual finalists, Tyloo.raw; alongside the likes of wNv and also WeMade FOX. As well as these names, our Counter-Strike team were accompanied by Ukrainian rival team Naus Vincere.

Hugely popular broadcaster Eurosport followed all of the action over in Shanghai as part of their ongoing series, to give an insight into video gaming to the masses. The short series will feature 6 episodes from 6 separate Intel Extreme Masters events, focuses on a single game and one individual star player. The first episode is set to be aired on Thursday 30th September at 18:30 GMT and will feature the heated battle between FnaticMSI.CS and the then dominant Natus Vincere, as our Swedes attempt the topple the number 1 team in the world.

Broadcasting Schedule

Thursday, 30/09/10 at 18:30 GMT on Eurosport 2
Friday, 01/10/10 at 21:15 GMT on Eurosport 1
Saturday, 02/10/10 at 09:15 GMT on Eurosport 2

Times may vary depending your country. Please check the Eurosport schedule.

Counter-Strike captain, Patrik 'cArn' S├Ąttermon spoke about working with the Eurosport crew when the FnaticMSI team were competing over in Shanghai:
That's right, the nice guys from Eurosport followed me and the team during IEM Shanghai. Actually it wasn't the first time we have been part of a documentary but this one is indeed the biggest and most interesting media I've ever done. Obviously being part of such a show it took some focus away from the actual tournament but as everybody knows we managed to handle this just fine winning the event.

When asked about what is to be expected from the show debuting on Thursday, S├Ąttermon answered:
I haven't yet seen it so from recalling the footage we did I believe it will be a interesting mixture between the life we are living on the road and of course the actual tournament. According to the producers they are very happy with the outcome and I can't wait to see how it will turn out.

FnaticMSI.CS taking first at IEM Shanghai

Patrik unfortunately had no information regarding the future instalments of the Eurosport produced episodes:
I have no further insights in their upcoming plans but I feel honored they trusted FnaticMSI to be a part of their first episode.

On the subject of whether of not professional Counter-Strike is the best example of gaming, when presenting to a mainstream audience, cArn answered:
It has always been hard to explain Counter-Strike to the mainstream and that is simply because there is 10 individuals playing simultaneously. This increases the complexity and requires the viewer to have some kind of experience of FPS-titles before enjoying it on TV/Stream/HLTV. That being said, we did some efforts during the upcoming Eurosport show to explain the dynamics of the game, but I think 1vs1 games is the way to go for now when thinking about TV productions.

So remember! Be sure to tune into Eurosport for one of the 3 first episodes this coming Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Eurosport broadcasts in 59 countries and 20 different languages.



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FnaticMSI.CS to feature on Eurosport
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