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 EA feels PS3 can catch Xbox 360 sales in UK

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PostSubject: EA feels PS3 can catch Xbox 360 sales in UK   Wed Sep 29 2010, 03:11

Electronic Arts has said that the company feels the PlayStation 3 still has a shot at catching up with sales of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console in the UK.

"We could certainly see Sony come back - in the UK it's still a head-to-head competition between PlayStation and Xbox, but on the continent Sony is traditionally stronger than Microsoft," said the firm's European senior VP, Jens Uwe Intat, during a chat with MCV.Still, Intat said EA welcomes competition between the two platform holders – after all, it means more consumers for the publishing giant to flog its games to – before taking the time to comment on both Sony and Microsoft’s foray in to the motion-control market.

"But we're very happy to watch the competition, because as long as they're competing to get more consumers in, there are more people we can sell games to."

"It's interesting to see that both companies embarking on a slightly different path when it comes to controlling games. Kinect and Move are both very interesting ideas."


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EA feels PS3 can catch Xbox 360 sales in UK
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