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 twentyplus appl.

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PostSubject: twentyplus appl.   Mon Sep 27 2010, 12:41


-Name : Jordy Maenhaut
-Age : 24
-Location/Nationality : Belgium
-Hobbies/Interests : PS3 / Movies / Music
-Languages you speak (a fluent English is necessary) : Dutch / English / French
-What kind of person are you ? : Relaxxed person Smile


-Favourite game (or serie of games) : cod modern warfare / killzone 2
-Past online games : cod mw / killzone 2 / cod w@w / cod mw 2
-Past clans : always played together with friends but they aren't active anymore in the ps3 scene Smile they returned to the good old pc Smile played on a high level in the Killzone 2 times with 3c (cold calculated carnage)
-PSN/XBL : PSN = supke & my war account = twentyplus but I might start a new one because well I'm kinda bored with the names and all that Smile
-Currently playing : MW2.
-Number of gaming hours per day : depends on my workingshifts
-Do you play for fun, which means you don't care about the results, or at the opposite, are you always trying to get the best stats, whatever the cost ? (a moderate answer is accepted) : I'm a very dedicated player that is willing to take one for the team Wink. I'm not a solo player at all but I'm not a dumb player either, if I think someone is acting strange in a situation I might just give it my own little twist to make it more interesting Wink
-Do you often talk into your headset ? : For calling out things yes.

Team eNvieD Clan

-Where have you heard of us ? : Saw some things from Flava
-Why do you think Team eNvieD is different than other clans ? : Pretty serious clan, so that surely is a big + for me =]
-Why do you want to join ? (the fact that Team eNvieD is a good clan is not a proof of your interest for us) : I want to step up into wars again, it's been to long after my 3rd ps3 died, so yƩ that's right I'm on my 4th ps3 now so back and more ready than ever I guess ^^
-What can you bring to Team eNvieD , except one more member ? : Skills, and well I'm not that new to fps shooters on console Smile my aim is quite nice if I say so myself ;> I can call out very quick and well you'll have to see for yourself what I can put off in some tight situations Smile

-You probably had another clan before Team eNvieD , which means you betrayed it, but what makes you think you're gonna be loyal with us ? : I joined because it seemed fun but I want a more serious way to handle things. Like I did with my clan back in the days

-When you lose a game, what is your reaction ? : OMGWTF THEY H4XXXXXZ0R SO BAD
nah on a serious note: Shit happens you know .. Next time = Our time to shine
-Sometimes, we're moving to other games : would you be ready to follow your partners even if you hadn't plan to buy this game ? : Depends if the game is good or not: )

that's it for now I guess
MrFlava- Still knows me (atleast I think he does) from when I organised Pickup nights back on (9lives) it was a great succes and I'm sure he still knows how I play and what my skill is Smile

20+ out
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PostSubject: Re: twentyplus appl.   Wed Sep 29 2010, 07:20


Modern Warfare 2 Decerto v2 Rules.

Basic Settings

Spectating: Team only
Friendly Fire: Enabled
Forced Respawns: Enabled
Wave Spawn Delay: None
Respawn Delay: See Below
Radar Always On: Disabled
Max Health: Normal
Health Regeneration: Normal
Kill Cam: Enabled
Headshots Only: Disabled
Third Person View: Disabled
Allow Perks: Enabled
Killstreak Rewards: Disabled
Number of Lives: Unlimited (1 for Search and Destroy.)
Join in Progress: Disabled
Hardcore Mode: Disabled

Search and Destroy

Round Length: 2.5 Minutes
Bomb Timer: 45 Seconds
Number of lives: 1 Life
Plant Time: 7.5 Seconds
Defuse Time: 7.5 Seconds
Multi Bomb: Disabled
Score Limit: Unlimited (See Below)
Round Switch: Every Round

Note - Search and Destroy should be played first to 5 and 2 clear rounds (for example, 5-3, 6-4, 7-5 and so on)

Capture The Flag
Time Limit: 10 Minutes
Score Limit: Unlimited
Respawn Delay: 7.5 Seconds

Time Limit: 2.5 Minutes
Round Switch: Every Round
Bomb Timer: 45 Seconds
Plant Time: 5 Seconds
Defuse Time: 5 Seconds
Extra Time: 2 Minutes
Respawn Delay: 5 Seconds

- In the event of a 1-1 tie on rounds, the game must be ended and the
team with most kills picks which spawn they want to play a final round.

Maps and Modes
Favela - Capture the Flag
Highrise - All modes
Invasion - All modes
Karachi - All modes
Scrapyard - All modes
Terminal - All modes
Subbase - All Modes

Banned Weapons/Equipment
Grenade Launcher
Secondary Launchers
Secondary Machine Pistols
Blast Shield
Tactical Insertion
Riot Shield
All Shotguns
Stun Grenade

Note - P90 Removed from this list, P90 is allowed.

Banned Perks
One Man Army
Final Stand

Note - Death Streak should be set to Copycat


Sponsors: Zideo & Blue Elph
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twentyplus appl.
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