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 Hi m8,z-KiiLeR-z

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PostSubject: Hi m8,z-KiiLeR-z   Mon Sep 27 2010, 07:12


-Name : William
-Age : 17
-Location/Nationality : Spanish
-Hobbies/Interests : Sail,swimming and playing PS3
-Languages you speak (a fluent English is necessary) : Spanish,English,German
-What kind of person are you ? : Happy,Nice,Competitive ...


-Favourite game (or serie of games) : CoDs Series
-Past online games : erquiles / eTerNo_- Current : z-KiiLeR-z
-Past clans : vG virtual Gamers
-PSN/XBL : z-KiiLeR-z
-Currently playing : MW2
-Number of gaming hours per day : Don't know ... maybe 4h max-Week ends more xd
-Do you play for fun, which means you don't care about the results, or at the opposite, are you always trying to get the best stats, whatever the cost ? (a moderate answer is accepted) : Don't care about results but I always try to win and get good stats but if isn't possible ... don't matter.
-Do you often talk into your headset ? : Yes

Team eNvieD Clan

-Where have you heard of us ? : Ghost -- In GB
-Why do you think Team eNvieD is different than other clans ? : Compenetration and organisation it is the key to succes and eNvieD has that key.
-Why do you want to join ? (the fact that Team eNvieD is a good clan is not a proof of your interest for us) : Answer the other question.
-What can you bring to Team eNvieD , except one more member ? : Good level for GBs,jokes and more...xd

-You probably had another clan before Team eNvieD , which means you betrayed it, but what makes you think you're gonna be loyal with us ? : If there are good friends and people and good compenetrating gaming,no reason to leave...
-When you lose a game, what is your reaction ? : Of errors you learn ...
-Sometimes, we're moving to other games : would you be ready to follow your partners even if you hadn't plan to buy this game ? :[/b][b] Yes Smile

Sincerly z-KiiLeR-z Smile
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Hi m8,z-KiiLeR-z
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