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 A new uploader for Envied

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PostSubject: A new uploader for Envied   Sat Apr 16 2011, 09:23

Today we have a contract with Mallik.
Mallik will assist Envied in uploading his amazing gameplay & edits to grow Envied's entertainment!.

A little about mallik:

Hi, My name is Maalik ( Ma-Leek ) and i Upload Videos i think are entertaining. I enjoy Trickshotting, i dont claim to be the Best!! Very Happy
Keep it real and never forget your true friends.

ONLY GT! : iReconHD
No one else is ME!! Very Happy
I Dont Have A PS3
Sensitivity - 10
Hand Layout - No Claw!!!

If you ask me to edit for you remember im a Dark Editor!!

Mallik 'iReconHD' Edwards

I would like to wish Mallik a long & happy stay here.


Sponsors: Zideo & Blue Elph
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A new uploader for Envied
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