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 Road to ECL Episode 4 | Team Envied

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PostSubject: Road to ECL Episode 4 | Team Envied    Tue Apr 05 2011, 02:12

Today we bring you the latest addition to 'Road To ECL' brought to you
by Starry & EUeSports. Within the series the objective is to have a
chat with some of our ps3 teams attending the prestigious ECL event in
April. After a very successful first couple of episodes we will
definitely be carrying out the full series, which im hoping you will be
glad to hear. Maybe even throwing in some ps3-360 converted teams after
the initial series.

We are now officially half way through the series, and our latest team to be grilled by Starry was ' Team Envied '
Starry caught up with Team Envied leader, Theo for the interview.

Theo 'EndlessExertion' Daffurn (C)
Stuart "Ghost" Fraser
Shaun "MadWithIt" Campbell
Francis ''Sammi" Hamilton

Ok so here it is, Starry's latest edition to the series, Comment, rate & subscribe please


Sponsors: Zideo & Blue Elph
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Road to ECL Episode 4 | Team Envied
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