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 EUeSports Top Player Tips!

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PostSubject: EUeSports Top Player Tips!    EUeSports Top Player Tips!  I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 31 2011, 05:36

EUeSports Top Player Tips!  5117843513_3ef26c455f
I recently read through Alex (iChozen)'s old Article 'Modern Warfare 2
Allstars' and thought it was a brilliant concept for an Article and we
haven't released something like this since then.

Click Here

Tr1cky from Decerto also did the exact same concept over on Decerto. So i
have beeen taking some tips and hints from both to bring you the latest
from our ps3/Xbox EUeSports Allstars. These players are those who have
played at the highest level throughout various titles and know what it
takes to be successful!

I caught up with Dan 'Unearthly' Baker, Rob 'The-War-Demon' Wilson &
Lyall 'iChimera/Lyall' Smith. These 3 guys have been around since the
early days of competitive gaming, playing at the top level on various

EUeSports Top Player Tips!  Splitttttlikeeeee

Dan 'Unearthly' Baker

Current Team - Royalty Gaming
Past Teams - Rebelz in Action, Imperial eSports
LANs Attended - ECL, Reading Social

Sensitivity - 3
Button Layout - Tactical
Stick Layout - Default

EUeSports Top Player Tips!  Splitttttlikeeeee

Rob 'The-War-Demon' Wilson

Current Team - apeX.eSports
Past Teams - 4Dead-Gaming / YoYoTech / Pride in Battle
LANs Attended - Upcoming ECL2

Sensitivity - 3
Button Layout - Tactical
Stick Layout - Default

EUeSports Top Player Tips!  Splitttttlikeeeee

Lyall 'iChimera/Lyalll' Smith

Current Team - F/A, Gremlinz for ECL
Past Teams - [BsE] Bitta somethin' Extra, [DoA] Dead on Arrival
LANs attended: None

Sensitivity - 3
Button Layout – Tactical
Stick Layout - Default

EUeSports Top Player Tips!  Splitttttlikeeeee

Emmet - What type of player would you classify yourself as mentally? And in what role do you play for your current team?

Dan - Mentality wise pretty aggressive/objective based, can't stand
still in a game for longer than 5-10 seconds literally just get bored.
In the team I play support role with AR usually, we don't really have
proper set roles though.

Rob - I'm a very aggressive player i would say. I play the role of a
support player mainly using an Assault rifle, along with Hayden
(Apex-Acid). But i would often switch it up and run SMG which im feel im
equally good with.

Lyall - I’ve always been quite an aggressive player that likes to be
where the action is, I’ve had to try and quell this a little bit for COD
though. I used to be extremely objective driven but have now drifted
towards being more of a slayer. I think one thing I’ll always be is a
very vocal player.

EUeSports Top Player Tips!  31736128066530555984100

Rob 'TWD' Wilson

Emmet - What are the most common mistakes you see the average player make on a regular basis?

Dan - Going for kills too much or going for the objective too much. Poor
decision making and not the right balance between the two.

Rob - One of the most common mistakes a player could make would be not
to communicate with the rest of the team during games. This is pretty
standard stuff but is the difference between top players and average in
my opinion.

Lyall - I think more average players underestimate the value of
awareness, if you’re extremely aware of what’s going on around you i.e.
where your teammates are and what the enemy is likely to be doing, then
you’re in a good position. I think there are a lot of traits that the
best gamers naturally excel at compared to average players; these being
reaction speed, aim, and the ability to think fast on the spot.

Emmet - Which do you value most, Intelligence or good aim?

Dan - Intelligence, you can learn how to get a good shot but it's way harder to learn the intelligent side of gaming.

Rob - I would mainly value intelligence over good aim because knowing
how to out wit your opponent in clutch situations will prove to be vital
in any gun fight. Although having good aim will get you so far, you
have to have the brains to back it up. I feel I have a good balance of
both personally.

Lyall - It really depends on the game, back on games such as R:FoM and
Killzone I think that a players aim was more important than intelligence
but for COD I think intelligence has a more of a vital role.

EUeSports Top Player Tips!  5117843513_3ef26c455f

From Left - Right / Unearthly - Finch - Dunc - Josh at Reading Social

Emmet - What do you think makes the perfect team?

Dan - You need to get on with the people you play with and like them,
then you need to make sure you all have the right mindset and know
what's needed of each other. Need to be able to relate to them outside
of gaming as well for me.

Rob - I think that a good balance of communication and individual skill
is essential to making a good team. If you can carry your own weight in
certain situations aswell as having that drive to support your team.
Also to be friendly and get along with the other players in your team
will help dramatically in any situation. Here in Apex I believe that we
have accomplished all of these. We have plenty of banter and trust each
other to do our jobs in game.

Lyall - The perfect team is a group of tight knit guys who all have good
gaming brains and a solid aim. They all know how the other team members
play and can communicate extremely well in few words. I honestly think a
team plays better if they actually enjoy their matches.

Emmet - When do you think you made the leap from being an average gamer to competing at the top of ps3 competitively?

Dan - Erm that's kinda awkward for me. As I've played at the top level
on a few different games it's varied, I guess when I started back on
R:FoM and made RiA I was playing at the top level then and was one of
the better players. Then when cod came out I went back to average as it
wasn't my type of game and I didn't have the experience. Around MW2/KZ2
is when I started to play consistently at the top level I suppose
although you could argue it was earlier.

Rob - I believe that a made the leap from being an average player to
performing at the top of the PS3 scene when playing with a team called
Pride in Battle (PiB) during the early days of Call of Duty 4. This was
mainly because it was my first taste of competitive gaming on the PS3,
and i was able to learn from other players and improve my abillities.

Lyall - I was lucky enough to jump straight in the deep end with [BsE]
on R:FoM, and I believe my first ever clan war was the cup final against
[DoA] which took 4 hours. I think at the end of that game I realised I
was a decent player. I’ve had over a year out of competitive gaming now
though and both the community and the play style have changed
dramatically so I’m having to put in some work to try get back to the

EUeSports Top Player Tips!  150374_469771977560_751502560_5540875_16196_n

Lyall Smith

Emmet - Any advice for anyone looking to push for the top on the ps3 competitive scene?

Dan - Find a team you get on with and stick with them, too much changing
around these days for teams to even get going and just practice loads
together. Try to play teams that are better than you as that's the only
way you're gonna improve.

Rob - I would advise someome to chose their team carefully. Dont rush
into a team and expect miracles either. Things take time, work with the
team, play vs the best you can and improve your own game by playing for
the team not just yourself.

Lyall - Get a team you’re happy with and stick with it. If you start to
feel that you are always outperforming your team or that you’re better
than them then that is the time to move up to a better team. If not
think what you need to change in order to be a better player and work on

Emmet - Can you name me your All Star 4, this cant include anyone you
teamed with before. Yourself + another 3 who you think would work well?

Dan - Jake-ukpfc, never teamed with him but always played well when I've
played vs him and has decent game sense, alright guy far as I can tell
as well
Steveybrown, guy's a complete idiot but an absolute monster of a gamer,
no idea how, quality guy to have around going off the Reading LAN
Lyall, been quality on every game he's played, haven't seen much of him on bops though

Rob - Hammers, Steveybrown, Rich

Lyall - It's a tough one for me because I don't know many from the
current community at the moment but I'll go with Unearthly, Dualblades
& Tsquared as I actually know those guys somewhat.

Emmet - Finally, Any shoutouts ladies?

Dan - Gavin and everyone at Royalty, all the sponsors, the vD mandem,
all the old RiA guys, Mellow and everyone else at ECL that helped get
the PS3 there.

Rob - Shoutout to my team mates at apex. peace

Lyall - My buddy technetic, Gremlinz, Betrayed & Marty (EBOUE), Savy
asked to be one & everyone that’ll be at ECL. And little goodgoa.

by: Emmet

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Sponsors: Zideo & Blue Elph
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EUeSports Top Player Tips!
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