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 Envied goes to ECL!

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Envied goes to ECL! Empty
PostSubject: Envied goes to ECL!   Envied goes to ECL! I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 19 2011, 03:34

Envied goes to ECL! Enviedsignature
Today we can announce that Envied are going to ECL in Blackpool.

Since we are not able to go to ECL we looked for a new BO.Ps3 team.
Team Envied have been in search of a stable team line up that can represent us at the highest level possible. Searching and trialing many teams, we decided to take things a little slower in picking our new team and after many apps and teams contacted us, we have given the opportunity to this team lineup.

Theo 'EndlessExertion' Daffurn
Stuart "Ghost" Fraser
Shaun "MadWithIt" Campbell
Francis ''Sammi" Hamilton

After looking at the team app for Envied it was clear they are a
good stable line up that have been playing at the highest level.

I would like to wish Theo and his team a long & happy stay here, and good luck at ECL in Blackpool.

Captain Theo had this to say about the move to Envied:

'Thats right! Team Envied are coming to ECL! As the mainly Dutch side
lead by Daniel 'Fast' Fernandes are unable to attend the ECL they were
able to pick up a team lead by myself Theo 'EndlessExertion' Daffurn. We
decided to go under the name of a well respected team to give them
exposure at the LAN and hoping to place highly in the PS3 Blackops

'I have picked a core team to come along side me to ECL2 Blackpool.'

'I hope we can progress far into the competition and have a laugh while
in Blackpool. Good luck to all the teams attending. Contact me for
scrims by adding myself on PSN (EndlessExertion) or by skype
(EndlessExertion). Thanks for reading.'

Envied goes to ECL! Logopng-1witheffectwide
Sponsors: Zideo & Blue Elph
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Envied goes to ECL!
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