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 The Reign go PS3

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PostSubject: The Reign go PS3   Thu Jul 22 2010, 04:33

The Reign go PS3

Today the Reign branch into another console and pick up their first ever PS3 team. The team is an ex Team eMpathy MW2 team switched to the Reign for a better future of success. After picking up strong Call of Duty and Gears of War teams on the xbox360 the Reign decided to also move into the PS3 scene increase the size and popularity of the organisation.

Comment from the Reign Call of Duty Manager ‘NayNay’ had this to say:

“I am very please on picking up this team, they are a really strong team, always looking to push to get better. It boosts the Reign organisation as we have now moved into the PS3 scene, so it can only get better from here. I wish the boys all the best in the Reign and we will do everything we can to help them out and become a stronger team.”

Comment from the Reign PS3 MW2 leader ‘Zilla‘:

“We’re very happy to be joining Reign and help start off the new organisation which has allot of potential. Also it’s great to join an organisation that is purely console based. The reign management have great plans and we hope that we can help achieve these, to bring the organisation to the next step.”

the Reign MW2 - PS3;

Ali 'Reign-Zilla' Alici

Andrew 'Reign-AJ' Mclure

Alex 'Reign-Alex' Lilley

Richard 'Reign-Rich' Cook

Harri 'Reign-Crazy' Lye

By Oats

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The Reign go PS3
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