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 EUeSports: MW2 Top 5

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PostSubject: EUeSports: MW2 Top 5    Thu Jul 22 2010, 01:13

It’s that time again the MW2 Top 5 has come with June over. We have decided to change it to Top 5 for this month as it has been very inactive with no tournaments finishing or any big games taking place. However we may consider bringing it back up to Top 8 for next month as there is a numerous amount of tournaments that have started with over 20 teams.

So here you have it the MW2 Top 5 for June!

Aaron Whitehead also known as eMpathy-GoD kindly took the time out to answer a few questions regarding this months Top 5.

What's your opinion on this months top 5?

Well i really don't feel there are any surprises in this months top 5. The only one i feel that could be disputed is the addition of Vanity there but considering that sR aren't very active on PS3 I'm sure the inclusion of Vanity is no surprise to anyone

Lastly what do you think the Top 8 will look like next month?

The top 8 next month certainly will be much more competitive with the latter rounds of the Euesports P2P and also the Vanity and CG tournaments. I feel the top 3 will be very hard to break into but a good run in a couple of tournaments for Royalty mean that they could still be able to break the top 3 aslong as they aren't playing a team of ringers. I feel that Vanity will remain up there without. making a real push for the top 4 but with the other 3 spots up for grabs it really could be anyones. I strongly feel that the newer teams such as Adverto will be up there challenging come the end of July whilst there is also Vital, ybT and oR all with the players to be able to push top 8 aswell as some newly formed clans such as Incendia, one step ahead and lockdown plus the likes of BsE and ignite with the ability to challenge but will be heavily reliant on a good run in at least one of the tournaments.

My prediction though is:

1. H2k
2. 4D
3. eMpathy
4. Royalty
5. Vanity
6. Vital
7. Adverto
8. ybT

I'm sure there is no surprise with this months rankings as there has been minimal activity within the MW2 scene this month, but what we do know is next months edition of the EUeS top 8 will be very exciting as we have 2 tournaments scheduled to be completed within July. So watch this space!

By Zilla

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EUeSports: MW2 Top 5
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