GT5: Top 5 December-January  Gt5top5decjan

Today EUeSports would like to introduce to you the
very first edition of the monthly Gran Turismo Top 5! Gran Turismo is
the most popular racing game franchise in the world and is exclusively
made for PlayStation. With more than 35 tracks, 800 different types of
cars and photo-realistic graphics, GT5 is the most realistic and
extensive racing game ever made. Since the release of GT5 on the 24th of
November, several EUeS members have been bitten by the GT bug and
started to organise races.

The first GT5 Top 5 includes all the races been played through since the launch till the 31st of January. The higher the
driver placed, the higher the points he gained towards this ranking.
When everything was calculated, I spoke to the 5 racers with the most
points and asked them to give me their personal opinion of who they see
as the best 5 racers on EUeSports (not including themselves). In my
opinion this was the best and most fair way to make a Top 5 existing out
of the most skillful and active racers on EUeS.

I took the time to chat with a couple of the GT5 community on EUeS.

Diesel, First of all congratulations with your 1st
place on the GT5 Top5 Dec-Jan edition. Did you expect this? Who did you
see as your heaviest opponent and what are your predictions for the top5
next month?

'Thanks, going into these events you can never be too sure how they're
going play out and one mistake in a race can cost u heavily. Fortunetly
I'd put in quite alot of time practicing with gta & eynonz so i knew
the speed was there, it was just a case of staying on the ball and
trying to maintain a good consistancy without ever getting too flusterd.
I'd have to say lennox, gta, stretchy, robtza and bazzer, but it's all
about who wants it the most and who's willing to put the time in between
race days, which means it can really swing between any number of people
and you never know which fresh faces will appear on the scene to make a
challange for the top.'

GTAfreak, Well done finishing 2nd on the GT5 Top5
Dec-Jan edition, satisfied with your placement? The PS3 shooter scene is
currently in a downfall, GT5 has one of the biggest community's on the
PS3, due to the recent events do you think more people will try and play
GT5 and what can we do to attract more GT5 players to the EUeS scene?

'Well, everyone would love to come first lol, but i'm happy with the
results so far. I know Diesel and others would be tough to beat and
happy that it's a 1 - 2 from us. I wasn't sure how well i'd do, with
this being the first league, but i'm happy so far with my performance
and it can only improve.
I'm sure hardcore FPS players will stick with the same games, but
however i do ask that they try something new and experience the
different pace and style of competitive play. But with loads of good
games coming out in the next few months, it'll be hard to drag people
away from them, i know i'll find it difficult to juggle all these games.
We hope that people are drawn to this game and are willing to join in
and to help not only GT5 grow, but also the whole website community.
Many people may think they don't have what it takes, but honestly, we
don't care, all we ask for is a friendly and fun filled community. We
accept people may not have as much experience or time to sink into the
game, but we're always here to advise others and help them improve. We
want to get these negative thoughts out of peoples heads and show them
how fun it is to play in a less serious competitive environment. EUE and
CG are both listening to community members aswell as me to help create a
better place to compete,SO JOIN IN!!!'

Buck, You are the man who picked it up for GT5 and
organised almost every race on EUeS. What can we expect for the upcoming
month? More races/TT's/league's? And what are your plans to attract
more people?

'First off, a few people from the top5 have been invited into a GT5 staff
chat to get there opinions on how to keep things fresh. What I can say
at the moment is that Febuary league will run totally different to
anything we have done so far.. Promoting our GT5 events remains a
priority so we will be pushing on trying to bring some fast fair racers
to out leagues. The Clio cup will make a return at some point I'm sure
but for now the Febuary league is taking up a lot of time as we want
this to be a competetive race for everyone involved and hopefully we
could be looking at a new top5 for the Feb edition'

Underneath this you can find the signatures made by Wolf for the top3 finishers in the January League.
GT5: Top 5 December-January  GT1
GT5: Top 5 December-January  GT2
GT5: Top 5 December-January  GT3

EUeSports & Team Envied wishes all participants best of luck in their upcoming races and are promising more support towards the GT5 community.

by: SterreXx