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 Sony officially unveils PSP's successor / Two minutes of HD NGP gameplay hits the web

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PostSubject: Sony officially unveils PSP's successor / Two minutes of HD NGP gameplay hits the web   Sat Jan 29 2011, 08:16

One particularly steady-handed participant of yesterday's 2011 PlayStation Meeting captured and uploaded Sony's two-minute NGP sizzler trailer to the web. The footage for new IPs like Gravity Daze, Reality Fighters, Little Deviants, Broken and Smart As intrigues and impresses, while established franchises like WipEout, Killzone, Resistance, and Uncharted also look great on the NGP. We imagine the NGP games are just as playable to boot, with the portable's two micro analog sticks providing "a DualShock experience."

Check out Sony's NGP sizzler trailer, captured off-screen in HD.

At its 2011 PlayStation Meeting in Tokyo, Sony officially unveiled
the PSP's successor, currently codenamed "NGP" (Next Generation

The device features a 5-inch OLED screen which boasts a 960 x 544
resolution, two micro analog sticks which deliver "a DualShock
experience," front and rear touchpads (both five inches, like the game
screen), 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity (plus GPS capabilities), six-axis
electronic compass motion sensing, and front and rear cameras. Physical
media will be present — "a New Game Media" — though the system
features a flash memory card.

Yes, there's a ton of technology packed into this portable device,
but what games will be available on the next-gen PSP? With the system
offering PS3 level graphical capabilities, confirmed games/franchises
like Hot Shots Golf, Gravity Daze, Killzone, Reality Fighters, Smart
As, Broken, LittleBigPlanet, Little Deviants, WipEout, Resistance, and
Uncharted are bound to look beautiful on the new platform.

The NGP will be available in time for the coming 2011 holiday season.
We'll have more for you on the Next Generation PSP as we get it.


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Sony officially unveils PSP's successor / Two minutes of HD NGP gameplay hits the web
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