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 EUeSports Announce MC:D Thursday Cup

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PostSubject: EUeSports Announce MC:D Thursday Cup    EUeSports Announce MC:D Thursday Cup  I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 21 2011, 11:20

EUeSports Announce MC:D Thursday Cup  Mdc

Date: Thursday 27th January
Time: 6.00pm Onwards
Prize: EUeS Points Sigs
Today EUeSports would like to
introduce to you a Thursday Cup for a game called Modern Combat:
Domination. MC: D is a new First-person shooter developed by Gameloft
and is only purchasable through the PSN Store since Wednesday. The game
is only £6.29 and gives us a variety of 5 different maps, 6 different
Gamemodes, 13 different weapons with several unlockable attachments and
a good competitive gaming experience. If you're not convinced you can
download the Demo and test the online modes for free, however this is
limited for 45minutes you could get a good taste of what this game has
to offer.

We are hoping that we can run a 4v4 tournament for this although it
really depends on how many members of the community purchase the game.
If anyone is considering buying Modern Combat: Domination then I would
reccomend that you check out this thread
beforehand. As it stands we hope to run a 4v4 tournament but if we
don't get enough sign ups it will be 3v3. Teams will be randomised for
this although there is a possibility to sign up with a friend so that
you don't get split up.

All games will be played Best Of 3 and include one domination map along
with two non respawn maps. Two halves will be played on each map to
allow teams to play from each side making the game much more fair and
even. The rules can be found below. Rules are open to change so please
give your opinnion if you feel they should be altered.

All Maps - Domination
Sandstorm - Boom & Bust
Souks - Escorting
The Hideouts - Boom & Bust
Headquarters - Escorting
Factory - Extracting

Boom And Bust/Escorting/Extraction
(Best of 2 - Aggregate scores taken*)
Rounds - 5
Auto Balancing - Off
Time Limit - 03:00
Friendly Fire - On
Auto Map Cycle - Off
CPU - Off

Domination (Best of 2 - Aggregate scores taken*)
Target Score - Any
Auto Balancing - Off
Time Limit - 05:00
Friendly Fire - On
Auto Map Cycle - Off
CPU - Off

All Armour

*In the case of a tie, the team with the most kills will win the round.

If you wish to sign up for the tournament then please do so in this thread.
Further details will be announced later this week regarding teams and
cup schedule. Good Luck to everyone enters and don't be too sweaty Smile

By TheHatchetMan

EUeSports Announce MC:D Thursday Cup  Logopng-1witheffectwide
Sponsors: Zideo & Blue Elph
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EUeSports Announce MC:D Thursday Cup
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