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 'RGL'-Zenphy :)

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PostSubject: 'RGL'-Zenphy :)   Sun Jan 16 2011, 01:17


-Name : Enzo Dirkx
-Age : 17
-Location/Nationality : Belgium
-Hobbies/Interests : hanging out, party hard, etc..
-Languages you speak (a fluent English is necessary) : Dutch, English
-What kind of person are you ? : I'm a very positive person, I love my life, like hanging out with friends and going out, on the side I like competitive gaming.


-Favourite game (or serie of games) : I'm a CoD whore, started ps3 gaming with CoD4 and still playing the series today.
-Past online games : Runescape, WoW, unreal tournament, CoD.
-Past clans : [RGL] Red Guard Legion
-PSN/XBL : 'Zenphy'
-Currently playing : CoD: BO
-Number of gaming hours per day : Depends whether it's a weekday or a weekend.. I'd say 2 hours.
-Do you play for fun, which means you don't care about the results, or at the opposite, are you always trying to get the best stats, whatever the cost ? (a moderate answer is accepted) : I play to win, having fun doing so. When i get a task, like 'objective' then I will stick to this, and not look at my stats.
-Do you often talk into your headset ? : Yes, call-outs are needed.

Team eNvieD Clan

-Where have you heard of us ? : Well, you guys have been on CG for a while, and I think I've played gb's against u lot.
-Why do you think Team eNvieD is different than other clans ? : Obvious, it's the first good competitive clan that's looking for Benelux players Smile
-Why do you want to join ? (the fact that Team eNvieD is a good clan is not a proof of your interest for us) : I remember some players, from MW2 scrims and I know that there are very talented players here. The fact that this is a Benelux clan, is also very good. I want to join because I've been away from competitive gaming for a while, and I wanna get back in for BO.
-What can you bring to Team eNvieD , except one more member ? : I can bring you a strong assault player, who won't leave after a loss..

-You probably had another clan before Team eNvieD , which means you betrayed it, but what makes you think you're gonna be loyal with us ? : Yes, I've been with RGL for more then 2 years.. But they have died since KoeN isn't playing anymore.. And I decided to move on because I wanna play games... I don't think you can say that I 'betrayed' RGL, not after all the work i've done there.. I'm a very loyal player and have only been in 1 clan, so that says it:)
-When you lose a game, what is your reaction ? : Chins up, better luck next time and maybe work on where it went wrong.
-Sometimes, we're moving to other games : would you be ready to follow your partners even if you hadn't plan to buy this game ? : Yes, because the games where every1 moves to, most of the time are the best games out there, so yes I'll buy it aswell:)

So yes, i'm RGL-Zenphy, as most of you will know, RGL have gone dead. Some of us moved over to TiG, but I wanted to go for something else..
I heard you guys are looking for Benelux players for BO, and thats something that i really appreciate cuz I think that there should be a strong Benelux side, who can compete with all the U.K clans...

Cheers Cool

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PostSubject: Re: 'RGL'-Zenphy :)   Sun Jan 16 2011, 09:50


Your application looks good.

I have a question for you
Do you have cod4?

I give a few people an trial for the cod 4 tournament
because we haven't enough members for this tournament

Plz post your:

Team Envied


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PostSubject: Re: 'RGL'-Zenphy :)   Mon Jan 17 2011, 05:07

Well, i don't :/

I sold CoD4 & MW2 to buy BO Smile

but if you want i could try and get my hands on it again;)

CG: RGL-Zenphy
PSN: Zenphy
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PostSubject: Re: 'RGL'-Zenphy :)   

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'RGL'-Zenphy :)
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