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 Call Of Gaming ?

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PostSubject: Call Of Gaming ?    Call Of Gaming ?  I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 14 2011, 05:44

Call Of Gaming ?  V2smallblackbg
Recently we are seeing more and more people from the
EUeSports community organising ODC's, league's and tournaments on all
sort of different games. The main reason behind this is probably that
BOps has failed and disappointed the majority of the competitive
Playstation community. This also made us witness an major movement in
our scene, people/teams are swapping their PS3's for X360's or even
fully retire from competitive gaming.

Because BOps didn't bring what we expected, people are stepping back to
previous COD's. Recently Denty organised a FFA on MW2 wherefore 12people
signed up. Kayno came out strongest followed by Mike and Jstorer who
respectively finished 2nd and 3rd. A couple of days after this another
ODC on MW2 followed, this time organised by seif and unlike Denty's one
this wasn't a FFA but a Random 4v4 team cup. In total 32players signed
up and if i can quote Kayno: "more than there are playing black ops :/".
Although it was a one day cup, the two final teams decided to play the
final on another date.

Call Of Gaming ?  Cod4gun

Another COD, which for most of the people is seen as the best COD of all
time is COD4. For this game Loveday stepped up and organised a 'Back to
Roots' Cod4 5v5 SnD Tournament through 36 spots are
available for teams to sign up where from 10 are still open, although
more then enough teams are made on the 'Back to roots' ladder it looks
like most of the teams forgot to sign their self up for the tournament
itself. => SIGN UP HERE <= Prizes are alsow provided by Loveday and they look as followed.

1st: 5 x £40 EA games vouchers 5 x Winners Sigs

2nd: 5 x £10 EA games vouchers 5 x Runner-up Sigs

3rd: 5 x 3rd place Sigs

Call Of Gaming ?  Fifa11

FIFA11 alsow enjoy's some support from the EUeSports community,
yesterday Moose announced a 2v2 Random ODC with points and signature's
as prizes. The cup will take place on saturday 15/01 and starts around
16:00 GMT. Sign up's are still running. => SIGN UP HERE <=

Call Of Gaming ?  Badge_game_10562_uncharted_2_among_thieves

Extinct is the man who took it up for Uncharted2. With a prizefund of
120pound we already can call this tournament a success. 14 teams signed
up for this tournament and are divided into two groups, each with 7
teams. The top 2 of each group will go through to the knockout stage
where they will decide which team can crown themself as #1 UC2 team from

Call Of Gaming ?  Gran-Turismo-5-2-icon

GT5 is a relatively new racing game which has seen 2 ODC's already
organised by Buckaroo. Besides these ODC he has also run a EUeS GT5
January League where each sunday you have to participate in a race to
earn points for the total ranking at the end of the month. The winner of
the league receives an EUeS forum award and signature.

Call Of Gaming ?  Halo3

Aside from the PS3 the EUeS community also enjoy a little Halo action.
Therefore Tech has organised a Halo3 4V4 Random ODC for sunday 16/01
where we already have 26 people signed up.

EUeSports would like to thank the people for continuing to show their
support for the community and try to make the best out of it. Your work
is not unnoticed !!!

By SterreXx |

Call Of Gaming ?  Logopng-1witheffectwide
Sponsors: Zideo & Blue Elph
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Call Of Gaming ?
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