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 Stringer: PSN hits 60 million users

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PostSubject: Stringer: PSN hits 60 million users   Thu Jan 06 2011, 08:22

Sony Corp. CEO and president Sir Howard Stringer’s announced that PlayStation Network has logged 60 million user sign-ups since its inception in November 2006.

Stringer dropped the news during the platform holder’s CES 2011 press conference earlier today, where the company also unveiled a swanky prototype 3D headset.

All this ties in with underlying theme of “connectivity,” said Stringer, which involves Sony aiming to link up all entertainment devices a single, meaty multi-purpose entertainment hub.

It’s worth noting that rival Microsoft also lifted the cloth on numbers for its Xbox LIVE service, confirming it’s raked in 30 million users to date.


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Stringer: PSN hits 60 million users
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