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 A New eMpire

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PostSubject: A New eMpire    A New eMpire  I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 06 2011, 08:17

A New eMpire  Emp2

Today we would like to introduce to you a new team on the
scene who are going to play under the name of eMpire Gaming. For most
people, eMpire was known as the team led by KeaneRM. However, this one
is abit different, the team is led by AshleyWatters who is a fairly new
member of EUeSports. KeaneRM is the co-leader of this team and is going
to focus on the management of the roster whereas Ashleywatters priority
lies in organising games and tournaments. By teaming up with KeaneRM and
DannyyyC, AshleyWatters is reunited with his former xAi- cod4
teammates. KeaneRM has also managed to attract and recruit War-demon
along with Midnight-Panda. Since Team Vanity disbanded eMpire was also
able to recruit CrazyHL and AyJW as their 5th and 6th. CrazyHL and AyJW
are focusing on Xbox, but still want to play Ps3 from time to time.
AshleyWatters finished the roster with DanHardyy who he met at the
beginning of MW2.

eMpire Gaming
AshleyWatters (C)

AshleyWatters took the time to answer some questions.

Your roster looks pretty strong but don't you think it's to big? Bops
is a 4v4 game, How are you going to keep everyone satisfied? and don't
you think such a huge roster can cause problems between some players ?

'Everyone in the team are top top players, KeaneRM and myself found it
hard to cut anyone from the team as we have known most of the players
for a while now, also with CrazyHL and AyJW focusing on Xbox they have
became the 5th and 6th. Just going to give it a few weeks before we can
name the top4 players especially with the January Exams arriving'

What are your goals with this team ? Do you believe you can claim the nr1 spot with this roster ?

'Our goals for the team are to become a top 4 team for sure, i believe we
have the players and the ambition to do so, If the team holds together
we would like to attend the next LAN and to reach the later stages of
online tournaments. A number 1 spot is abit out of reach at the moment
as we have only played for just over 2 weeks,but if we hold together who

Lots of people are already bored
with Bops and are thinking to step back to COD4. What do you think about
Bops? Would you go back to COD4?

'I was informed today by DanHardyy that Treyarch are being very active
and listening to the community and they are bringing out a new patch
soon, i think people should give BlackOps a chance the game is only
2months old and has great potential.eMpire has put there name down for
the upcomming 5v5 tournament and we will see how that goes. But for now
BlackOps is #1'

EUeSports/Team Envied wishes eMpire Gaming best of luck.

By SterreXx

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A New eMpire
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