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 EUeSports BO Free For All 2 Overview.

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PostSubject: EUeSports BO Free For All 2 Overview.    Mon Dec 20 2010, 17:35

Last night we at EUeSports ran another FFA event for our community. A
good turnout of 64 players ensured that the event was a highly contested

We had 8 Groups with each one containing 8, 9 or 10 players - the
differing group sizes was simply down to the huge interest the community
shown. We had to increase group sizes to ensure the competition ran

The final 9 players were:


Maps: Firing Range, Launch & Summit.

The FFA was huge fun and I can't wait for a possible next one, I would
like to congratulate the top 3 positioned players who participated:

1st - Crazy.
£10, Forum Trophy, Signature & 5k points

2nd - HamiltonX
£5, Signature & 2k Points.

3rd - AcidBurn
£5, Signature & 2k Points.

I caught up with the top three players from the event and asked them a couple of questions on how they think it went.

Hello, what were your thoughts on this FFA?
Originally Posted by Crazy

Well the first round was awsome, sean did a
great job to get everyone in the lobby on time, it was a fun game with
only one or two sitting in corners. Second round wasnt the best, ALOT of
camping and some dirty kills but then again, there was something to

The final was HECTIC, we couldn't find a host with a good connection, so
we had to play on a forgien host which was a joke. Overall it was well
enough organised and I'm glad most people turned up. Hatchet did a great
job even though he didnt help on the right Wink Well done sean for
getting everything sorted, did a good job. The rage at my AMAZING
singing was definitely jealousy.

Originally Posted by Hamilton I thought the FFA was good fun, the first 2
rounds went smooth but i thought the final was a pisstake due to peoples
connections and the Blackops the game itself. Was very frustrating with
people singing moaning on the mic and complaining about french host and
being hypocrites but i thought went well and im glad the final was fun
with bit of the old banter.

Originally Posted by AcidBurn

the first round was great the connection was
fine although it was french there wasnt much camping till the last
minute wen people fighting it out for the last spot but i managed to top
the group, second round was worse there was lots of camping as there
was only 2 places available but i got past the round quite easily coming
top again.

the final was mad, it was hard to find a gd host but in end we settled
for host everyone could connect to which was shocking but i came top
first map and from then on it went down hill, Overall it was great and
organised well apart from final was abit crazy.

and what were your original expectations of the FFA?

Originally Posted by Crazy

Well seeming this is the first ever FFA i have
entered, I didn't really know what to expect. I knew there were some
dirty dirty players who entered so I knew at some point i would be
watching a killcam of someone sitting in a corner. Also i thought it was
going to be a mess, the last ODC ect i have been in, they haven't been
very well organised, so hats off to them for making this one work.

Originally Posted by Hamilton

Well going into it im known as the Bolt Action
king of WaW but as i didnt have a Bolt action i knew i wasnt going win. I
thought i played not bad and few simple mistakes messed it up for me.
Like map2 i was 2nd and dropped to 4th by choking kills and 3rd map i
finshed 2nd when leading 1st the whole time. The money i have won is
going back into EUeS so i aint fussed really. Just something brag about

Originally Posted by AcidBurn

To be honest, I didnt know what to expect.
People doubted me to get past round 1, so it was good to prove some
people wrong in this FFA.

Thanks to Hatchet, Hamilton and Babeuh for organising/running this event
as they all did a great job and a lot of effort went into it. If you
have any recommendations on what we could do to make the next one a
better experience then please post below.

We are sorry for the delay on signatures, but they should be definitely
completed for tomorrow, also, would you please contact Hatchet for
prizes, contact him via PM or message him on skype.
Skype: markdsmyth

Thanks for reading, EUeSports.



Sponsors: Zideo & Blue Elph
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EUeSports BO Free For All 2 Overview.
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