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 Vanity Cups

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PostSubject: Vanity Cups    Sat Dec 18 2010, 08:41

Team Vanity recently made the introduction of Vanity
Cups, in which Vanity tournaments have teamed up with TournamentCentral
who where a gaming site devoted to bring Black Ops One Day Cups on the
Xbox 360. After the great success of TournamentCentral, Vanity decided
to pick them up under the new name. The first cup hosted by Vanity for
the Black Ops on the Xbox 360 has seen 64 teams signed up to play on
Sunday 19th December, and they hope just as much success can be shone
from the PS3 community.

How does the Vanity Cups system works?

Elliot Sowersby: 'Vanity will be hosting one day cups every
Sunday, then on the 4th or 8th week these will be followed by the
Championship Bracket which will consist of the two finalists from each
one day cup in that season competing to be crowned the overall champion'

What prizes will there be for the Vanity Cups?

Elliot Sowersby:'There will be no prizes for winning the
normal one day cups but there will however be prizes kindly provided for
the Championship bracket by our sponsors: Evil Controllers, DBGamez or
iiyama which will be announced shortly'

Who are the staff working for Vanity Cups?

Elliot Sowersby:'The head admins of Vanity Cups are Elliot
Sowersby, Ryan Dunn and Josh Morris and the match Referee's are Elliot
Sowersby and Ford James for the Xbox 360. Vanity Cups are currently
looking for extra skilled staff to bring to the team whom can help
referee games for the PS3 cups.'

When does the first Vanity cup start?

Elliot Sowersby: 'The first cup will start on Sunday 2nd
January 2011, however sign ups will be open from 19th December 2010. You
may find schedule for Season 1 HERE.

For more information visit the Vanity Cups BO.PS3 section by clicking this link.


Sponsors: Zideo & Blue Elph
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Vanity Cups
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