Reflex GT is back with its second LAN event: Reflex GT January 2011! After the succes of the first Reflex GT LAN in October this year, we will be back with an even bigger and better quality LAN event. A Halo: Reach (Xbox 360) 4v4 tournament is on the menu on Saturday the 22th of January, followed up by a Call of Duty: Black Ops (Xbox 360) 4v4 tournament on Sunday the 23rd.

Reflex GT January 2011

Halo: Reach (Xbox 360) 4v4 Tournament
January 22th, 10 AM - 10 PM
16 teams
Settings: MLG v2.0
Group and knockout stage
At least 5 'best of 3' matches per team
Entry fee per team: €100
Prizes: TBD (will be similar to Reflex GT October 2010)

Call of Duty: Black Ops (Xbox 360) 4v4 Tournament
January 23rd, 10 AM - 10 PM
16 teams
Settings: Decerto v2
Group and knockout stage
At least 5 'best of 3' matches per team
Entry fee per team: €100
Prizes: TBD (will be similar to Reflex GT October 2010)

KaoS Gamecenter
Near Amsterdam, Netherlands
Go to 'Contact Opnemen' on the Kaos Gamecenter website for the address

24x Xbox 360 Slim 4GB
24x Viewsonic VX2260wm 22" Full HD monitor
Stage with 4v4 station
Big screen TVs for spectators
On site catering
Professional online livestream
Video on demand

New website, sign up and more information: late December.

It's a 100% confirmed there will be a pro livestream, possible with a shoutcaster.

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LLL Trojan, a top European Halo player:
It was honestly a sick LAN, ReflexGT ran it perfectly.

Fariko Dominic:
It was ran perfectly, probably the first time that a LAN managed to stick to the schedule without changing the amount of games being played what so ever!!

LLL ForReal, a notorious European Halo player:
It was seriously so much fun, everyone played loads and everyone had his time to shine on mainstage! We'll be there with our full line-up next time and I hope more people attend!

PwR BUK 20, member of the best European Halo team and a one of the world's top Halo teams:
If there is another Reflex GT Tournament and there is a big enough incentive in terms of prize fund then I think our team and other UK teams would attend.

Plague, looking at pictures:
I'm just looking at this setup and questioning why I haven't been abroad yet.

Ohm, notorious Dutch Halo player:
Cool tournament, Everything was *** nice! And a sick 1.5 meter TV to view mainstage gameplay. And the LAN was finished on the same time as planned. Hoping for more tournaments to come!

We didn't make it far in the tournament but we still had a great day! We lost our matches very close XD, but well done organising, Xorta!

Fariko INCH, Call of Duty player:
Hope their next LAN will be just as good, or better!

Fariko DareDevL, one of Europe's best Call of Duty player:
It was a great organized lan.

Fariko Knifer, top European Call of Duty player:
Was great fun like always, Reflex GT was damn well orginized and the staff people were great <3.

Denzyy, European CoD player:
Thought it was a realy good LAN, staf was very friendly and everything ran smoothly. <3

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