After a long Break DreamStyle eSports have returned stronger than ever on PC and on console platforms. DreamStyle have picked up both of it's two old console Teams who did well for the organisation before it ended. They plan to take the Console Scene by storm and bring awards to DreamStyle!

The new Ps3 addition, formally known as deceptive, is led by formerly consolegaming referee Denty. A while ago Denty tried to set-up his own organisation "komanda esports" but this didn't really pull off as he expected to be. Their current roster only exists out of 4 players, but they are looking for a 5Th. MrFlava- has probably the best shot to join, however Denty isn't sure on who to add, this will be cleared in the next few days.

Dreamstyle esports

Tom 'denty101' Dent (C)
Mike 'neasado' Neale
Ross 'GenesisHiro' Mivor
Niki 'the__malteser' Micallef[/size]

Dreamstyle.Ps3 their manager McIvor 'MattjaAAA' Wright had this to say:

'I am very glad to have found a team that DreamStyle can rely on to bring great results and reputation to the organisation. I decided to take this team under my wing of management as they are a talented bunch of guys and deserve to be playing higher with better support than they are now. I will be with them every step of the way , may it be lans , online tournaments or whatever and do whatever it takes to get them top 8. '

Denty, What can we expect from Dreamstyle.PS3 on BOps ? Wil you guys try to push the top8 or do even better ?

'You can expect Dreamstyle to be a loyal and stable team with few roster changes. Personally i don't like players "hopping" every 2 weeks and will do the upmost to prevent that in my team.
Obviously top 8 is our goal with top 6 being where we'd like to be in a few months time. With the amount of talent in the community however it's anyone's game at the start. But i'm sure that with solid tournament performances we can prove to be one of the top teams. It might not happen overnight but we can be up there. '

EUeSports & Team Envied wishes Dreamstyle.PS3 best of luck.