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 The Game Isn't Over Yet...

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PostSubject: The Game Isn't Over Yet...    Mon Nov 15 2010, 13:11

Today the PS3 community sees the return of a well known team from previous games. Game Over, formerly known as Desinox Gaming consisting of its original five members. Kayno & Bindiman started Black Ops with Incredible Crisis which had a lot of potential but for whatever reason didn't work as well as planned. Mike had been playing with Remorse for the start of Black Ops. George had been "non-existant" on the gaming scene for quite some time.

But the biggest shock to most might be that Robzta- has returned to his original stomping ground. Robzta had planned to compete on Black Ops for the organisation known as "Vanity". Now with all the Desinox original members back together, surely only great things can happen from these lads.

Game Over

Mike "lMike-" Legg
Rob "RobzTa-" Smith
Kayne "KayneOrchard" Orchard
George "iMadbizL" Taylor-Walker
Kyrie "Bindiman" Iona

Mike, How did this reform of the team come about? Was it something new or had it been on the cards for a while?

Mike: 'Rob, George and I have been playing publics and zombies together for the first few days of Black Ops and realised again how much fun we have when we play together (no homo ). Rob basically said that Vanity didn't feel like a team to him and that he wanted to have more fun with gaming.'

'I've always got on with Kyrie and we have conversations on a regular basis, so when he got the news that Danny was leaving Incredible Crisis, we decided that we should get back together and we wanted Kayne back too. There had been the idea of getting back together for a while if things didn't work out for people, but nothing had actually happened until a couple of days ago'

What do Game Over hope to achieve over the course of the first Black Ops Ladders and Tournaments?

Mike: 'First of all, we hope to contend with the top 8, even though the competition for a top 8 spot has been raised quite a lot since the end of MW2. We hope we'll be able to get reasonable records on both CG and GB and also perform well in tournaments, along with entering any P2Ps.'

I then asked a couple questions to other member from Game Over and this is what they had to say:

George, how do you think you will fare after being off the scene for a while?

George: 'It will obviously take me a while to get back up to what my playing standards used to be, but I reckon it shouldn't be too hard and shouldn't take me too long, especially with the support of the team. I'm very eager to get playing at a competitive level again and that should make it easier still.'

Kayne, do you have anything to say?

Kayne: 'GeT OfF mE'

Bindi, How do you feel being back in Game Over and do you have anything to say to your old team, Incredible Crisis?

Bindi: 'I feel as though its the best move for me, considering Incredible Crisis just wouldn't work. I get along with the guys from Game Over very well, and the chemistry is already there, as we were together previously. About Incredible Crisis, I did try my best to make it work, but truthfully, we just couldn't connect as a team. Negative views from everyone, including me at times, and it just started downhill. I wish good luck to Danny, Hardy, Fabian and obviously us aswell.'

Rob, what made you decide to rejoin Desinox/Game Over and leave an arguably better team on individual players' abilities, Vanity?

Rob: 'Well I didn't really feel that Vanity was a proper team and there wasn't much communication within the team. I know the game has only been out for a week, but I've hardly spoken to any of Vanity in that time whereas I've spoken to the Game Over players quite a bit. I just don't think Vanity was right for me. Still, I wish them luck for the future.'

We at EUeSports/Team Envied wish the newly reformed Game Over the best of luck for Black Ops and the future.


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The Game Isn't Over Yet...
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